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Capital City BMX District: NC02


516 Dennis Ave
Raleigh, Nc 27604

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 919-834-4BMX
  • Primary Contact: Chad McCoy (919-795-6483)
  • Secondary Contact: Shane Gay (919-417-8505)

Capital City BMX is a bicycle motocross race track located at the Lions Park, 516 Dennis Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604. Races are held every Sunday through the spring and Saturdays in the summer and conclude on December 15th of each year. Spring Sunday registration and practices are from 1:00 to 2:30 pm with races starting shortly after. Also during the summer months we race on Thursday evenings in the Summer Stamp Series. BMX racing is open to boys and girls of all ages. Come join the fun!

  • Track Operator: Chad McCoy
  • Co-Track Operator: Shane Gay
  • Track President: Mike DeMeglio
  • Track Vice President: Blake Greene
  • TreasurerShelbi McCoy
  • Additional Board Members: Connie Jacobs, Rebecca Healy, Jamie Ortiz, Erik Loos


Join Anytime at Any Race all year long

Bring your Bike:

  • Any BMX type and size will do, but we recommend that you start with one that has a 16" to 20" wheel diameter - as that is the allowable limit in the Novice class. You may race any bike with larger wheels in the Cruiser class.
  • Make sure all bolts are tight - especially your axle and stem bolts.
  • Remove any freestyle-type axle pegs
  • All reflectors/brackets must be removed for safety purposes
  • If your bike has a kickstand, it must be taken off

Required clothing and safety equipment:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants or jeans
  • Any enclosed shoe is sufficient. Skateboard style shoes are suggested

BMX racing is open to any boy or girl who can ride a bike – ages 2 – 92. At Capital City BMX, the racing season lasts all year long, as weather permits. You can fit BMX racing in between other activities, like work, school, sports, church, and scouting. Spectators are always free at local races.

Capital City BMX is officially sanctioned as a USA BMX track by the American Bicycle Association. Each rider is permitted one trial race, after which you must purchase a 1-month temporary or 12-month full membership from USA BMX to continue racing. These memberships can be purchased at Capital City BMX.