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First Coast BMX District: FL05


Saint Augustine, Fl 32092

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 386-916-5011
  • Primary Contact: Anthony Sargent (386-916-5011)


The two main features, thus far at First Coast BMX, is the Black Widow Jump, located just before turn 3, and the rumble packs. The first rumble pack (if approached correctly) will toss you into the turn with a substantial amount of speed. The second one is the Money Maker, or Redemption if you will, you may be out of the ability to pedal, but if you can gain on a rhythm section then this might be the last chance to make that pass you were just shy of all race.

You can always see what we are up to at First Coast BMX by checking us out on our Facebook Page. 

We have been working hard these past few months to make this one of the best places for families to come, ride, and have fun.  . . . But we are not done! There is much more in store for everyone, as we continue to make this the best place to spend time as a family, or even as a group of friends.