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Oak Creek BMX District: CA11


Roseville, Ca 95993

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 916-784-8BMX
  • Primary Contact: Linda Minton (530-755-0435)
  • Secondary Contact: (916-784-8265)

Family Fun, excellent fitness training, Lots of fun!

Bmx racing is for all ages:


  • Wednesday’s  6-7:30pm sign ups- race asap
  • Thursday’s 5-6:30pm entry level practice

and 6:30-8pm open practice

  • Saturday’s 6-7:30pm sign ups race asap
  • Sunday’s sign ups 10 am-11:30pm race asap




1 day trial membership FREE 1 time
1 yr USABMX membership $60
Single Point Race day entry fee (trophies) $10 

Striders race day entry fee (trophies) $5 
Practice day entry fee $5