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Farmer City BMX District: IL03


12853 Royal Road
Farmer City, Il 61842

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 217-778-7293
  • Primary Contact: Rene Dunnam (217-778-7293)

BMX has taught our children so many things….respect for others, sportsmanship, motivation, perseverance and patience, how to be leader and know when to be a follower, how to be a mentor as well as a student, and how to set a good example so others will follow in their footsteps.  No other sport has the kind of family environment that BMX does.  A sport where adults are role models for every child and where each child reminds every adult what it’s like to have fun.  It’s where parents help unconditionally with skinned knees and broken bikes, give pats on the back for a job well done and warm hugs for broken hearts.  In BMX we are a family…one big fantastic family!