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Gold Cup Finals East - Blanchard Park BMX

Filed under General on October 29, 2015 | Comment(s)

The brand new Blanchard Park BMX track is one of the many new track builds that has been completed in 2015. The Billy Allen-built course sits amongst the baseball, soccer and football fields in Blanchard Park, here in Evans, Georgia. While it has taken years for this new track project to get to this point, it's been well worth the wait - as riders from all over the East Coast have come to earn themselves a Gold Cup No.1, 2 or 3 plate.

After making the tough call to re-schedule the original Gold Cup East date due to the threatening onslaught of Hurricanewhat's-it-name, everybody arrived in Evans, GA to a much better track that had been meticulously groomed over the past three weeks in anticipation of this new date and time. 

To do their best for the make-up race, USA BMX offered Friday night as a "Freebie Friday." Free entry! That's right - No charge,what's-so-ever to sign up and race the usual Friday double-pointer. Impressively, 85 motos - many of them full, came out to partake in the freebie race and take on the fun and challenging Blanchard Park BMX. For awards, USA BMX offered up some cool Halloween-medallions to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Many of the kids crossing the line and being handed these cool skeleton-on-a-bike awards were stoked and stunned at what a cool prize they'd just won. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Tricks and Treats on Saturday

Yup. Saturday was Halloween - the final day of October, a month that has whizzed by us faster than Sam Willoughby and Connor Fields sprinting to the finish line! As a treat for giving up their Halloween at home, USA BMX is offering up FREE Open classes today - and they are going to be jam-packed with some awesome action. The Blanchard BMX crew, our vendors and USA BMX will be celebrating the kids holiday with trick or treating in the pits and at the "Big Red" trailer -and is handing out custom orange drawstring bags at the finish line during the first round of motos. I guess you could call it "Track" of Treat bags. 

During morning practice, Bill Morris (our resident meteorologist) had been watching the doplar radar (like always) and decided that things weren't looking too good for Sunday's weather conditions, and knew that racing on this track in pouring rain would not be too good - for the riders, as well as this new facility. Thus, USA BMX decided to double-it-up for Saturday and run both Day 1 and Day 2 on Saturday. How's that for a trick, or treat?!




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