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USA BMX Publishes 2016 Rule Changes

Filed under General on January 05, 2016 | Comment(s)

The 2016 USA BMX and BMX Canada rulebook went online New Years Eve with some big changes for 2016. The rulebook can be found online at

The biggest changes for 2016 are in the formation of classes. In evaluating moto sheets from all of our tracks our testing showed that the new class building structure will make for better competition across all classes.  We also restructured the women's classes after age 20 and added a 41 and over women's class.  Other changes to the rules are highlighted in gray throughout the rulebook.

Another change for 2016 is in the national team sheets.  After much discussion throughout the year and meeting with the team managers at Grands, we have made some changes for 2016.  Following are the major changes:

  • Trophy Team will now only be competing for the trophy of the day and there will no longer be a year-end title.
  • Teams can submit and use two (2) team sheets for scores at each national
  • Only the top score for each team will be paid for the day
  • Payment for Bike Shop and Factory will increase to the top 5 teams at all USA BMX National Events
  • The purse has increased by $500 per day, for an increase of over $30,000.
  • Factory will now count their best sixteen (16) scores + Grands
  • Bike Shop will now count their twelve (12) best scores + Grands
  • Scoring for A Pro and Vet Pro has increased by 4 points














A Pro

Vet Pro

1st 24 32 40 44
2nd 21 28 35 39
3rd 18 24 30 34
4th 15 20 25 29
5th 12 16 20 24
6th 9 12 15 19
7th 6 8 10 14
8th 3 4 5 9


Scoring for AA and Women Pro has changed significantly

  • Riders will receive 30 points for advancing out of motos
  • Riders will receive an addition 10 points for advancing out of eighth mains
  • Riders will receive an additional 10 points for advancing out of quarter mains
  • Riders will receive an additional 10 points for advancing out of semi mains
  • Riders finishing 1 through 4 in the main will receive an additional 10 points
  • Riders finishing 5 through 8 in the main event will receive an additional 5 points
  • Should an elite class not have any of the final rounds (1/8, 1/4, 1/2) they will receive the points for those rounds when advancing out of motos. 

Example:  An elite class that goes straight to a semi, riders will receive 50 points for advancing to the semi, then the additional 10  for riders transferring to the main, and then points for their finish in the main.  An elite class 1-4 will always be worth 70 points to the team.

2016 Rulebooks can also be picked up at your local track.

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