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Announcing TEAM USA for the 2016 BMX World Championships

Filed under General on March 31, 2016 | Comment(s)

Reigning World Champions Ty Beadle (10 Challenge Boys) and Olivia Armstrong (16 & Under Challenge Girls Cruiser) will be the only two returning champions for Team USA.  In all, there are 12 riders who earned World numbers in 2015 that will be looking to defend or better their number in Colombia.

These 12 riders will be joined by 120 others who qualified to represent the United States at the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships in Medellin, Colombia.  In all, the United States will have 161 entries into the challenge classes in Medellin.  This will be the largest number of entries that the United States has sent to a BMX World Championship held outside of North America.

Racers qualified by earning a world number in 2015 at the World Championships in Belgium or by qualifying through one of the two World Qualifying races held in February in the United States.  The qualifying races were held in Phoenix, Arizona and Oldsmar, Florida.  Riders who did not qualify through these processes were able to petition and were selected based on the established criteria.  

With a good group of returning riders and a lot of riders with NAG experience, Team USA is looking to set the tone as the 2017 World Championships make a return to the United States.   Riders earning a 1 through 8 in Colombia, will automatically qualify for the 2017 event in Rock Hill South Carolina.





BURGOS ARJUNA 5-6 Challenge Boys  
SOLOMON TRISTAN 5-6 Challenge Boys  
TOWNLEY COREY 5-6 Challenge Boys  
CHRYST ETHAN 7 Challenge Boys  
COTTER MASON 7 Challenge Boys W2
PASSANISI HAYDEN 7 Challenge Boys  
PERKINS JUSTIN 7 Challenge Boys  
STRATMAN GAVIN 7 Challenge Boys  
ANDERSON ROCKO 8 Challenge Boys  
BARONE MATHEW 8 Challenge Boys  
BEASLEY HUNTER 8 Challenge Boys  
BRASWELL DYLAN 8 Challenge Boys  
COTES NICOLAS 8 Challenge Boys  
HUDDLESTON TAYLOR 8 Challenge Boys  
MENACHO NICHOLAS 8 Challenge Boys  
SPRATT TAYLOR 8 Challenge Girls  
BELL JIMMY 9 Challenge Boys  
MONTELLANO KARTER 9 Challenge Boys  
RODRIGUEZ ETHAN 9 Challenge Boys  
WHITE JOSHUA 9 Challenge Boys  
PAULAZZO ZEMIRAH 9 Challenge Girls  
BAKKEN LUKE 10 Challenge Boys  
BARR LOGAN 10 Challenge Boys  
BEADLE TY 10 Challenge Boys W1
BROWN DEEGAN 10 Challenge Boys  
DAVIS WILLIAM 10 Challenge Boys  
KENISON AIDEN 10 Challenge Boys  
KIM RONNIE 10 Challenge Boys  
KOCH TJ 10 Challenge Boys  
TREJO ANDREW 10 Challenge Boys  
GOODWIN JAKE 11 Challenge Boys  
HUVARD LEVI 11 Challenge Boys  
KITCHEN NATHAN 11 Challenge Boys  
LOPEZ PABLO 11 Challenge Boys  
OCONNOR LUKE 11 Challenge Boys  
WHITE CHASE 11 Challenge Boys  
WILLIAMS CUTTER 11 Challenge Boys  
BAKKEN JACK 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr. W3
BELL JIMMY 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
BROWN DEEGAN 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
ELIZONDO VALENTINO 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
HUVARD LEVI 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
JAHNKE TOMMY 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
JEFFRIES EGAN 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
PAULAZZO TAVI 12 & Under Ch. B. Cr.  
BAKKEN JACK 12 Challenge Boys  
ELIZONDO VALENTINO 12 Challenge Boys  
HENRY TYLER 12 Challenge Boys  
JAHNKE TOMMY 12 Challenge Boys  
MARTINEZ MIGUEL 12 Challenge Boys  
BEYNON STEPHANIE 12 Challenge Girls  
BRENNER SARA 12 Challenge Girls  
ANDERSEN AMAKYE 13 Challenge Boys  
CHUDZIK HENRY 13 Challenge Boys  
COLON SEBASTIAN 13 Challenge Boys  
DUNHAM CAMERON 13 Challenge Boys  
HAAS MATTHEW 13 Challenge Boys  
HOULDSON JUSTIN 13 Challenge Boys  
MEURLOT WESTON 13 Challenge Boys  
ROTGER JAMES 13 Challenge Boys  
SERENI BENECIO 13 Challenge Boys  
PEEPLES DESTINY 13 Challenge Girls  
ANDERSEN AMAKYE 13-14 Ch. Boys Cruiser  
MEURLOT WESTON 13-14 Ch. Boys Cruiser  
SERENI BENECIO 13-14 Ch. Boys Cruiser  
BARONE THOMAS 14 Challenge Boys  
BROWN JOSHUA 14 Challenge Boys  
FREED JULIAN 14 Challenge Boys  
JACOBS ZACH 14 Challenge Boys  
LEET CARSON 14 Challenge Boys  
MEEKINS MATTHEW 14 Challenge Boys  
MENSH DAVID 14 Challenge Boys  
BRADY BRENNA 14 Challenge Girls  
COLBY LEXIS 14 Challenge Girls  
GAYHEART MCKENZIE 14 Challenge Girls W4
ROBINSON HAYDEN 15 Challenge Boys W4
SHORE JOSHUA 15 Challenge Boys  
SINCHAK EVAN 15 Challenge Boys  
JACOBS CARLY 15 Challenge Girls  
SCOTT JORDAN 15 Challenge Girls W3
SINCHAK EVAN 15-16 Ch. Boys Cruiser  
SUAREZ GUILLERMO 15-16 Ch. Boys Cruiser  
ARMSTRONG OLIVIA 16 & Under Ch. G. Cr. W1
MORIN STEPHANI 16 & Under Ch. G. Cr.  
YUKI SUMIKO 16 & Under Ch. G. Cr.  
HOSLEY CHRISTIAN 16 Challenge Boys  
PEEPLES JACOB 16 Challenge Boys  
ROTGER JASON 16 Challenge Boys  
WELCH JESSE 16 Challenge Boys  
ARMSTRONG OLIVIA 16 Challenge Girls W3
DAWSON DENA 16 Challenge Girls  
DETERS KAITLYN 16 Challenge Girls  
MORIN STEPHANI 16 Challenge Girls  
YUKI SUMIKO 16 Challenge Girls  
BLACKMORE SHAYLA 17 & Over Ch. Women  
FAUGHT ANTONIA 17 & Over Ch. Women  
HOWARD TAYLOUR 17 & Over Ch. Women  
HUEY MICHELLE 17 & Over Ch. Women  
PARDUE KYLIE 17 & Over Ch. Women  
YOUNG CARLEY 17 & Over Ch. Women  
ALVEY ETHAN 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
BLOOMFIELD ANDREW 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
BONESSI MICHAEL 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
BOYLE MICHAEL 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
MARTINEZ TYLER 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
MOORE DEVONTAE 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
RIEDEMANN TAYLOR 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
SAWYER BLAKE 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
SCOTT NATHAN 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
SILVA VICTOR 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
SILVA WILLIAM 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
THIERWECHTER BRIAN 17-24 Ch. Men Cruiser  
ALVEY ETHAN 17-24 Challenge Men  
BANUELOS JOSHUA 17-24 Challenge Men  
BETTS BRYCE 17-24 Challenge Men  
BOB ALEC 17-24 Challenge Men  
BONESSI MICHAEL 17-24 Challenge Men  
BOYLE MICHAEL 17-24 Challenge Men  
DETERS NICOLAS 17-24 Challenge Men  
HILBRICH CHRISTOPHER 17-24 Challenge Men  
MOORE CAMERON 17-24 Challenge Men W6
RICHMOND JUSTIN 17-24 Challenge Men  
RIEDEMANN TAYLOR 17-24 Challenge Men  
SAWYER BLAKE 17-24 Challenge Men  
SILVA VICTOR 17-24 Challenge Men  
SILVA WILLIAM 17-24 Challenge Men  
FAUGHT ANTONIA 17-29 Ch. Women Cr.  
PARDUE KYLIE 17-29 Ch. Women Cr.  
EDEN MAX 25-29 Ch. Men Cruiser  
PAULINO EMMANUEL 25-29 Ch. Men Cruiser  
ROMERO PATRICK 25-29 Ch. Men Cruiser  
GRESHAM EVAN 25-29 Ch. Men Cruiser   
EDEN MAX 25-29 Challenge Men  
CALDWELL MICHAEL 25-29 Challenge Men  
ROMERO PATRICK 25-29 Challenge Men  
BAQUERO NESTOR 30 & Over Ch. Men  
CARNES JASON 30 & Over Ch. Men  
DAVIS MICHAEL 30 & Over Ch. Men  
GOMEZ RAUL 30 & Over Ch. Men  
HARMON JONAS 30 & Over Ch. Men  
MOREIRA PAULO 30 & Over Ch. Men  
JONES ELIZABETH 30 & Over Ch. W. Cr.  
LINGHAM VIRGINIA 30 & Over Ch. W. Cr. W4
MASCIA LORI 30 & Over Ch. W. Cr.  
SENGER MICHELLE 30 & Over Ch. W. Cr.  
YOUNG CARLEY 30 & Over Ch. W. Cr.  
HOFFMAN ANTHONY 30 & Over Masters  
RUEDA ANDRES 30 & Over Masters  
SMITH JOSH 30 & Over Masters  
STREET CHAD 30 & Over Masters  
HARMON JONAS 35-39 Ch. Men Cruiser  
MOREIRA PAULO 35-39 Ch. Men Cruiser  
MOREIRA VINNY 40-44 Ch. Men Cruiser  
PFEIFFER JOHN 40-44 Ch. Men Cruiser W7
STREET CHAD 40-44 Ch. Men Cruiser  
CARNES JASON 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  
DORSEY BRYAN 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  
GOMEZ RAUL 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  
HORTON STAN 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  
MATHIAS GREG 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  
MORELAND SCOTT 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr. W7
RAYMONDE ROBERT 45 & Over Ch. Men Cr.  

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