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Quaker State Nationals race report

Filed under General on June 08, 2016 | Comment(s)

Quaker State National in Pottstown PA at the Trilogy Park, June 4th and 5th 2016.
words and pics by Bridget Holland-Stone

This is one of the fastest, smoothest flowing track around and a pleasure to ride. Our riders were in for a real treat on the track and we watched some awesome riding this weekend.

The Director Glen Knapper and his family along with all the volunteers were spot on in having this track ready for racing this weekend.  Even with the forecast of foul weather, this well oil machine we called the crew had it all together.  Tarps were placed on and off the track with in minutes.  We also were treated to some nice landscaping with flowers.

The Quaker State National is the fifteenth national of this year 2016.  Trilogy Park has enjoyed/held it’s ninth nationals so far and we hope to see many many more at this track in the future.

The track itself was originally built in 2004 and has seen a few small changes to the jumps every year. This is to keep the track interesting.  Also the track had been at one point top coated with Soil Tac, but for the past four years Soil Sement has been used, which held up wonderful under the weather condition.  The asphalt  berm were somewhat slippery and the rides had to resort to tapping the brakes on occasion. Those that didn’t tap the brakes when they should have either were involved in a pile up or flew off the track.  Ouch

Trilogy Park BMX track is an awesome track to ride and usually pulls in a fair amount of riders.  So there was some concern about rider count due to the bad weather predicted for this event.  But they were able to produce 165 moto’s for Saturday and 141 moto’s for Sunday, not bad.

Sunday’s race was a one moto transfer for those moto’s that had four to eight rider in their moto.  If you had a total points race or nine or more riders in your moto, you had a second round of motos, then on to mains.  

There were so many riders who were dialed in and made a killing on the track both days.  But there are just too many to mention them all, so I will try to point out a few.  Pro - Cole Tesar of C-YAA Factory, Huntersville NC took first on Saturday and Max Egdorf of Greenville NY took first on Sunday.  The following riders (only mentioning a few) took home first place wins both days,  Addison Shreve first both days, along with Tiffany Huber, Leah Brown, Jena Sagendorf, Susie LaVan. Tyler and Danica Bailey and Cameron Bramer also pulled off a perfect score.  There was no touching Triston Judd this weekend, he crushed it.  Triston had some really crisp moves and took home five first places.  Payton Ridenour was in her own zipcode all weekend along with Ashlee Pettinelli and Jill McGuire who were no slouches either.  Tommy Brunney, Gavin Stazelski and Jacob Trujillo. Cole Zufelt also had a great weekend with very strong first place finishes.  Hayden Robinson, Drew Downey and Drew Motley all should be very proud of themselves and their accomplishments this weekend.

Crashes, yes we had some interesting bumping, some riders run off the course and several pile ups.  But I am happy to say that most of our down riders either got up and finished their race or walk off the track under their own steam.

In the end, all participants went home with a fun experience and great stories to tell. If you ever have a chance to hit the famous Trilogy Park BMX in Pottstown, we highly reccoemend you stop by and race it. The track and overall atmoshpere - whether it's a local, state or a national event, is worth check it out.

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