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Hall of Fame Nationals race report

Filed under General on June 14, 2016 | Comment(s)

It was a busy weekend in Chula Vista, as the Hall of Fame nationals were taking place all weekend long, and smacked in between all of the action was the LCQ "RAD" race, the U.S. Olympic Trials and the annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The ams came out in force to compete on Tyler Brown's immaculately groomed Chula Vista BMX track; the very track where numerous Olympians practice every week. The same track that hosts the mock-Tuesday Night World Championships each week. And there's a good reason why so many Elite pros call this their hometrack (other than the fact that it's lcoated at the Olympic Training Center). The track is fast, fun and challenging. The surface is completely soil-tac'ed, hard, and as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Friday began early with practice and would host Day-1 of the Hall of Fame nationals, while Saturday would consist of only the first round of motos before everybody walked over to the Rio-replica track to check out who our next Olympic member would be. The winner of the Olympic Trials would be the third person named to the 5-person team. Many of the attendeees - well, at least 400 of 'em, stuck around Saturday night to cap off the night with the annual BMX Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Six new members were inducted under the stars and warmth of the Olympic flame. Then on Sunday morning, things kicked off early once again for the 2nd round of motos, quarters, semis and mains for Day-2. WHEW!  Talk about a busy, non-stop weekend of action! 

Being in the heart of HARO country, it wasn't shocking to see flashes of yellow nad black out front in practically every Expert main - both boys and girls.

The multi-time defending No.1 Factory team looks to be right on target for a repeat, after scoring two more team wins this weekend.



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