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USA BMX and NBC Universal have teamed up to bring USA BMX members renewing their license online a phenomenal deal!

For a limited time, any USA BMX member that renews their license online at the special Olympic promotion rate of $79, will receive a $50 redemption coupon that can be used at the website. That’s like renewing your license for $29! If you have several family members that want to renew their license, you will be given the respective family discounts and will receive a $50 redemption coupon for each license renewed.

Gold Memberships, renewed online at the Olympic promotion rate of $130, will also receive a $50 redemption coupon. The redemption coupon will be included on your membership renewal email receipt. Renewing your license online also gives you the added bonus of being able to print out your membership receipt, at any time, until your USA BMX card arrives. 

Everyone should check out, they have everything from awesome 2012 London Olympics souvenirs, Team USA merchandise, and lots more, all at reasonable prices. Gear up for the Olympics and get a great deal on your USA BMX membership!

When your license is renewed and you have your redemption code in hand, go to the website and shop ‘til you drop! Since the redemption code can only be used once, be sure to pick out at least $50 worth of merchandise to get the most out of this offer. (If you only spend $35, you lose the balance of $15 as the redemption code can only be used once.)

This year is shaping up to be the best ever in our sport and we’re glad that you are a part of it!

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