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The Greatest Cruiser Battle on Earth

Filed under General on November 18, 2012 | Comment(s)

For the first time ever in our 35 year history, 6 riders from the same class have a shot at the title. This year, the 41-45 year old cruiser class has remained King. Thanks to freshly-turned 41 year olds Shawn Diprete (Answer~Rennen) and Shan Hatfield (SE Racing), this will be the class to watch - with 6 out of six of the Top-10 in points racing 41-45 in Tulsa. 
At the top of points is FBN~Hyper's Tommy "2x4" Board; an Indiana native and Louisville local

, whose straight wins at the Bluegrass Nationals put him in the lead of National points. 
Yess Factory's Trevor Brown sits proudly in the No.2 spot, only 2 points behind 2x4. Could Brown be the first Canadian to ever win a National No.1 title in the U.S.? The biggest question is Utah's Todd Parry, who we were hoping to put in an encore of last years' hard-fought title chase. But word has it that he "might not" show up this year. Depending on how motos and semi's go, will someone get knocked out early, or will all of the usual suspects make it to the main? 

Will 41-45 cruiser own it? Or will there be an upset, with the No.1 Cruiser title going to the younger riders - like the Wonder Twins of Kyle and Katin Mitchell?


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