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The Greatest AA-Pro Battle on Earth

Filed under General on November 19, 2012 | Comment(s)

AA-PRO HYPE: In 2010, Australia's Sam Willoughby became No.1 Pro. In 2011, his arch rival from New Zealand, Marc Willers, took the title from Sam in a close, hard-fought showdown. So it's no coincidence that we again find both of these contenders in the hunt for the No.1 Pro plate.
While they might have spent their Summer getting ready for the London Olympics - where Willoughby won a silver medal, they have been battling it out all season long to put themselves in this position. Willoughby enters Tulsa with 9 wins out of 14 main events, while the defending No.1 Champ Willers scored 5 wins out of 17 mains. With plenty of other competition giving chase; including all three of the U.S. Olympic team - Nic Long, David Herman and longshot favorite Connor Fields, this is sure to be one of the greatest Pro battles in Grands history.

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