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AA-Pro Stats going in to Grands XXXV

Filed under General on November 20, 2012 | Comment(s)

It's been a long, rough year for our sports' most Elite athletes - and this charts pretty much tells the story, as we head toward Tulsa, OK and Saturday night's Pro Spectacular battle for the first ever USA BMX No.1 Pro title.
Look at the ratios on Making-a-Main/Standing-on-a-Podium for some of these guys and you can begin guessing which 8 riders will be in the Grands main Saturday night. What's YOUR prediction?
But ... before any of you put money on MARIS STROMBERGS being in the big show; keep in mind that he told us in Florida that he'll be watching the Live Webcast from the beaches of Hawaii. FreeAgent~Rockstar gave the Gold medalist some well-deserved "time off" for the rest of the year, and he'll be skipping The Grands this year.

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