Hey guys,

Well it is a little over a week since Sooners, but wanted to let you know how things went. First, it was my first National Race since I started BMX'ing last August. On Saturday, we arrived for practice. There were so many competitors out there. Then races started. The first race I got 5th place. It was a tough track and I was racing 5 and 4yr olds. The second race I got 4th place so I didn't make the mains at all. My Dad and I went back to the hotel and I did a lot of practicing in the parking lot. On the second day, I was ready to go. The first race I was in third and then on the last leg I crashed and had another kid run over the top of me. It hurt really bad and the nice race official came out and helped me til my Dad came. We got checked out by the medics and I told my Dad I wanted to race again. I was so fired up and ready to start the second race that I told the official at the gate "I'm Ready!"  The gate dropped and as my Dad says, I pedaled my heart out and got third place but did not get a spot in semis or main.  

I had a great time in Tulsa at the Sooners Nationals and now I am waiting for the Cajun Nationals. In the mean time I am racing and practicing at my local track, Central Texas BMX, and my Dad is practicing with me. We just raced down at Lonestar BMX in San Antonio and we both made it to mains and got 2nd place. 

See y'all at Cajun Nationals!   Look out for this 3 yr old!