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    LIVE WEBCAST of The Grands: Catch it right HERE!

    It has now been confirmed! will be hosting the live webcast of this years' USA BMX GRANDS. The webcast kicks off on Thursday afternoon with a Pre-GRANDS Warm-Up show. Be sure to catch trackside interviews from the No.1 Champions podium with many of the No.1 title contenders.

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    AA-Pro Stats going in to Grands XXXV

    It's been a long, rough year for our sports' most Elite athletes - and this charts pretty much tells the story, as we head toward Tulsa, OK and Saturday night's Pro Spectacular battle for the first ever USA BMX No.1 Pro title.

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    The Greatest AA-Pro Battle on Earth

    In 2010, Australia's Sam Willoughby became No.1 Pro. In 2011, his arch rival from New Zealand, Marc Willers, took the title from Sam in a close, hard-fought showdown. So it's no coincidence that we again find both of these contenders in the hunt for the No.1 Pro plate.

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    The Greatest Cruiser Battle on Earth

    For the first time ever in our 35 year history, 6 riders from the same class have a shot at the title. This year, the 41-45 year old cruiser class has remained King. Thanks to freshly-turned 41 year olds Shawn Diprete (Answer~Rennen) and Shan Hatfield (SE Racing), this will be the class to watch - with 6 out of six of the Top-10 in points racing 41-45 in Tulsa. Will 41-45 cruiser own it? Or will there be an upset, with the No.1 Cruiser title going to the younger riders - like the Wonder Twins of Kyle and Katin Mitchell?

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    Greatest Vet Pro Battle on the Planet

    Last season, it was a two man show for the title but this time around FreeAgent’s Cristian Becerine has entered the mix with a snap. His patented holeshots have the "other Argentinian" sitting 2nd in the points behind 2-time World Champ Javier Colombo, and just ahead of the reigning No.1 Vet Pro champ Matt Pohlkamp. Will the Argentinian connection(s) take home their first cup to South America or will the now underdog Pohlkamp retain his title? If you recall, last year Javi won the Grands but Pohlkamp took the No.1 with a close 2nd place. With only 151 points separating the top-3, Friday's ROC results could either stretch the lead for Javi or tighten it up in to a virtual tie! No matter what - it'll all come down to Saturday night and who can hold it together under the pressure of The GREATEST Vet Pro Battle on the Planet!

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    The Greatest Womens Pro Battle on Earth

    DOMINIQUE DANIELS has left Tulsa with a National No.1 Cup for the past five seasons, the latter four being No.1 Pro titles. With her continued domination early in the season while may of the top girls prepared for the London Olympics, it looked as if "3-D" could have her record-setting 5th No.1 pate wrapped up. But hard crashes at the last couple of races (in Fresno and Orlando) helped all of the girls catch up in points. One in particular - Australian Olympian CAROLINE BUCHANAN has been on a mission since the London Games to win her first USA BMX pro title. With five straight wins, she has over-taken the points lead going into Grands weekend. With only 31 points currently separating them, Friday's "final" ROC score will be a confidence boost to whomever comes out victorious. This will be one of the best series of main events in Tulsa. Is this the year that Dom goes home empty handed? Will another Australian take home the American No.1 title? And don't forget U.S. Olympians Alise Post and Brooke Crain, along with Caroline's Aussie teammate Lauren Reynolds will also be in attendance to mis things up. Look in to your crystal ball and predict what will happen and who will take the UAS BMX No.1 Women Pro title...

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    Saturday Day Night - LIVE!

    The PRO SPECTACULAR always lives up to its name. Between the Pro races for the National No.1 titles and the NAG-5 Challenge, there's also the Golden Crank Awards and a whole ton of fun to be had. Best news is - tickets can now be purchased online!.

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    The fans have been asking for an update from Tulsa. Well here it is!

  • Cut off Dates for Grands Hotels Approaching!

    For the best rates and the best hotels stay at an official USA BMX Host Hotel, and support those who support the sport!

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    Best Elite Main Ever?

    Everyone is still talking about Sunday's Elite Mens main event in Orlando. Some are even claiming it was one the most exciting races of all time. Whether you saw it in person, or have re-watched the video over and over - we'd like to hear which "part" of the main was the best? Take this quick survey and let us know!

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    Disney Cup - Day 3

    The third straight and final day of the Fallnationals / Disney Cup concluded the 2012 regular-season National circuit in typical USA BMX style.

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    Disney Cup - Day 2

    Day 2 of the DIsney Cup set a new record for USA BMX (ABA) - in moto count. With 208 motos, the action was non-stop, with plenty of South American riders seen out front, giving America's best BMXers a run for their trophies/saver stamps.