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    Welcome to Louisville, KY. Home of the 2013 USA BMX Derby City Nationals and Eastern Divisional Championships. USA BMX Nation converged on Derby City BMX with high hopes of tackling their goals of taking home their age groups Eastern Divisional Championship.

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    VanOgle already in the 1,700 Club

    Most riders dream of tallying up 1,500 to 1,600 by November, so having 1,701 so early in the year is pretty unheard of. In fact, history has shown that usually the 1,700+ mark has earned a rider the No.1 AM Cup.

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    Derby City Nationals - Discounted Hotel Rates

    The two closest hotels to the track for the Derby City Nationals have stepped up their game to make sure you get the best rate and the best hotels. Support those who support the Sport and Book Now!

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    DK's Spencer Cole hitting TV's all across Ohio!

    This past weekend at the USA BMX Buckeye Nationals, DK's Spencer Cole was not only winning on the track but he was also featured in a story done by local news station WNWO.

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    Southwest Nationals Race Report & Photo Gallery

    The last time the USA BMX national circuit stopped in Arizona was back in March, for Round 3 of the season. Now, eighteen races later, the National scene returned for Round 21 - the second (and final) Indoor "short track" race of the year.

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    Buckeye Nationals Race Report

    Last USA BMX rolls into ToledoN, OH for the 2013 Buckeye Nationals!

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    Amazing Hotel Rates for Southwest Nationals

    USA BMX has negotiated some amazing hotel rates with the Official Host Hotel of the Southwest Nationals - if you book now!

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    Empire State Nationals Race Report

    USA BMX rolls into Kingston, NY for the 2013 USA BMX Empire State Nationals!

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    Las Vegas Nationals Race Report

    One of the first things you might see when you enter the SouthPoint Casino are some giant USA BMX signage - assuring you that you are in the right place for some insane BMX racing this weekend.

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    2013 USA BMX Stars and Stripes Nationals

    July 4th weekend can only mean one thing to a BMX fan, South Park! Here's some video from this event.

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    2013 USA BMX Stars and Stripes Nationals Pre Show

    BMX Racing legends Donny Robinson and Jason Carnes give you the lowdown on this weekends Pro Series racing from South Park, Pennsylvania.

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    South Park Event Report

    Friday night kicked off with a bang here at the Stars N' Stripes Nationals in South Park, PA.