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    Thanksgiving Thursday Highlights from the Grands

    Thursday for most folks means football games and a big turkey feast with family - but for the BMX World, it means all-day practice with your big BMX family and the occasional pit-side feast of take-out Turkey. It's a time to be thanksful for how many laps you get in, and for a great season.

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    ROC Motos are ready to download

    For those at home (or even those in Tulsa) who want to follow along with moto sheets, or just find out who your friends and family members motos look like, you can download all 551 of the ROC moto sheets ...

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    USA BMX teams up with TurnTulsaPink

    USA BMX was invited to team up with TTP for this years' Grands - just as they'd done in the past with other sporting events (such as PBR Rodeo) when they are in town. This year, Chase's Connor Fields, Redline's Jason Carne$ and GT's dynamic duo of Tyler Brown and Sean Gaian volunteered to take the time to visit Tulsa's Cancer Treatement Center of America.

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    National No.1 titles for 2013 heat up with Questions

    The National No.1 title chases are always exciting - and this year, for the first time in our memory, we have some "questionable" conditions with many of our points leaders in both the Amateur and Cruiser categories. Both No.1 seeded Amateur Lain VanOgle and No.1 seeded Cruiser rider Shan Hatfield remain iffy on whether they'll be able to race The Grands and go for the title.

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    NAG-5 CHALLENGE Contenders are set for Saturday Night

    The PRO CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS on Saturday night is the culmination of the 2013 Pro Series - along with the annual NAG-5 Challenge. This race consists of the Top-5 ranked riders in their age groups - from 14 to 19-27 in Boys, to 14 to 21-25 for the gals.

  • 1989grandnational-oklahomacityok_mxw125_mxha_e0
    The Mostly Complete History of ABA & USA BMX Tracks

    With the 36th Grands just around the corner, we scrounged up all of these photos of past Grands tracks - for your viewing and reminiscing pleasure. In fact, if you were there - you just might be in some of these crowd shots. It's a great example of the evolution of BMX Racing.

  • Screen_shot_2013-11-12_at_2
    DK's Drew Bezanson & crew to make an appearance at the Pro Championship Finals

    USA BMX is proud to announce that the DK stunt team will be entertaining the crowd in between the racing action at Saturday night's Pro Championship Finals - in Tulsa, OK. Among the DK crew is X-Games / Dew Tour favorite Drew Bezanson. Since 2006, the RedBull posterboy from Nova Scotia native has been competing on the action sport circuit and has helped taken the dirt and ramp riding to all new, higher levels.

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    USA BMX reveals the Richest Pro Payout in BMX Racing History

    With over $125,000 in prize money on the line, the 36th running of The Grands, this Thanksgiving weekend, makes it the Richest Payout ever in BMX Racing. USA BMX has just upped the ante' for the Pro classes at this years' 36th annual USA BMX Grand National - doubling the regular season payout. The total purse for AA-pros will be $14,000, while the Women pros will be racing for their share of a $4k purse.

  • Screen_shot_2013-11-09_at_4
    Top-5 Nominees for Golden Crank Awards are revealed

    With the earlier November 1st cut-off, this year's PULL magazine Golden Crank Awards have already been tallied up and a winner has been decided by the fans and members of USA BMX. Would you like to know who won?

  • Olympicday-results_mxw125_mxha_e0
    USA BMX Olympic Day events take the Gold

    The U.S. Olympic Committee just released their results and awards from this year's OLYMPIC DAY Celebrations. ...and guess who won Gold?!

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    ROC Invitee List has been posted!

    With over 15,000 entries qualified for next month’s 2013 USA BMX Race of Champions, the post-turkey-day giddy-up promises to be gobble-gobble-great. USA BMX released the full list of invitees, which we have for you at the link below. Riders qualified to the ROC via their state series, and it gives a great opportunity to get some pre-Grands track time under race conditions. That, and the chance for one of the coveted ROC plates.

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    2013 Disney Cup Champions are crowned!

    The 2013 Fall National returned this year to Kissimmee's Silver Spurs Arena - to the same arena that had previously hosted the 3-day Disney Cup a few years back. Inside the plush arena, USA BMX built a sweet 800-foot long track that had some good straightaways for layin' down the power, and a smooth but sometimes slippery surface. Sliding out in the turns would be something that decided quite a few races as the weekend went on.