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    2014 USA BMX National Schedule

    USA BMX is pleased to announce all 29 stops in the 2014 National Schedule. While we will be returning to many of the towns that we have worked with in the past, USA BMX is also thrilled to add some first-time locations and return to previous facilities.

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    Supercross SignUp Schedule for Chula Vista

    NOTE: TODAY at 4pm MST is the final day for signing up for the UCi Supercross in Chula Vista. Registration for Chula SX close on Monday the 16th at 4:00pm MST. Riders can follow this link:

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    The Aberdeen track is located smack-dab in the middle of the town. Literally. With a fairly small population of 26k, Aberdeen Exchange BMX was about to put up one dollar per person for their famous Pro/Am. This would be the first weekend that this race wouldn't be held on Labor Day - and it was tied in to their State Championship Final (which would be held on Sunday), and America's finest pros and elder ams made the trek to South Dakota for a shot at the $5,000 first place check and Championship title belt.

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    First State Nationals Race Report

    USA BMX rolls into Milford, DE for the 2013 First State Nationals!

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    What is the Best Amateur Sporting Events in the U.S.?

    Want to help USA BMX gain more national recognition from the leading SportsTravel magazine? Voting has just opened for the Best Amateur Single-Sport Event.

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    The Terrible Ten Tradition

    The scenario has been the same since the beginning - put every fast amateur racer in the country in the World’s widest starting gate and who will get to the first turn first? Who will be the first ten guy across the finishline? It has always been an honor for any rider to make the Terrible Ten - as much as it’s been one of the most controversial articles in the sport.

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    Land-o-Lakes National Photo Gallery

    The Land o' Lakes National landed at the infamous Rum River BMX in Isanti, Minnesota for stop No. 25 in the USA BMX national series - and along with it, came a majority of the fastest riders from the MidWest. Check 'em out...

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    Blackjack Nationals Photo Gallery & Race Report

    Hmmmm ...what to do on Labor Day weekend? A camping trip to Yosemite is out of the question, with the massive fire ablaze and smoking out most of northern California. Then, tickets and passes to the Burning Man festival in Nevada are limited (plus, it's a huge, crowded dustbowl anyway - from what we're told). Down in the valley, there's the Gold Rush Days in Sacramento, and tonight there's Uncle Ted wango-tango'ing live at the Silver Legacy. Then of course - there's the Reno tradition; the USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals at the Livestock & Events Center!

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    Welcome to Louisville, KY. Home of the 2013 USA BMX Derby City Nationals and Eastern Divisional Championships. USA BMX Nation converged on Derby City BMX with high hopes of tackling their goals of taking home their age groups Eastern Divisional Championship.

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    VanOgle already in the 1,700 Club

    Most riders dream of tallying up 1,500 to 1,600 by November, so having 1,701 so early in the year is pretty unheard of. In fact, history has shown that usually the 1,700+ mark has earned a rider the No.1 AM Cup.

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    Derby City Nationals - Discounted Hotel Rates

    The two closest hotels to the track for the Derby City Nationals have stepped up their game to make sure you get the best rate and the best hotels. Support those who support the Sport and Book Now!

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    DK's Spencer Cole hitting TV's all across Ohio!

    This past weekend at the USA BMX Buckeye Nationals, DK's Spencer Cole was not only winning on the track but he was also featured in a story done by local news station WNWO.