Been pretty busy with life in general outside of bmx track operation.  But, for those who read this page, the bmx track at Richfield Park has been up and running for two weeks now.  Our Race for Life fundraiser will be taking place tomorrow afternoon so long as Mother Nature works with us and provides clear and sunny skies.  Forecast shows otherwise, but, the weather can always change on a moments notice.  So, given the hopes and prayers of all bmx families and racers, we will be preparing for the Race for Life on behalf of those who are afflicted with a cancer of the blood.  With our track being one of only two tracks currently running races we hope for a good showing to help the cause


If you follow our facebook page for Richfield Park BMX you already know that we made a major change down the last straight.  We took a skidsteer to the entire last straight at the end of the 2016 race season and leveled it.   Then we went to town and rebuilt the entire straight with a high double out of the last turn that transistions into five deep rollers that have a gentle almost unnoticable downhill slope which ends with a table just prior to the finish line.  It has been a positive change to the track and  most riders will tell you it provides for a better flow to the finish line.

Just recently, we made a change at the bottom of our starting hill.  For the past three years the first obstacle was a real low step up at the bottom of the hill.  Although small, the obstacle could be tricky whether jumping or trying to pedal manual over it.  So, with some persuasion of some expert racers, we purchased 50 yards of sifted clay and brought in Mike Penrod to disperse and pack the clay over the top of the old jump.  What we ended up with and had planned for is a longer higher step up.   We may end up tweaking it so its a bit longer still, but, with more backside for better landings after getting over the step.    Our track is now both challenging yet not intimidatin enough to scare away our newest of riders.  The experts have said they feel it's a big improvement while the novice riders are steadily training down the third straight and getting their ankle wings learning to jump  the smallest table top on the course.

If your reading this, and you live outside the boundries of Michigan, make an effort to come ride our track in your travels to the Mitten state.  We think you will enjoy not only the track but also the trail jumps down the track fence line behind the first and third turns.  We also have a track built off to the side of the third turn for the smallest of racers.  Our Strider track has a nice starting hill that propels every little sole scorcher down it with smiles on their face. 

If your coming tomorrow, bring a friend to race or cheer you on as we do the medical community a favor by raising funds to help fight the scourge of cancers of the blood.  At the end of the year, USABMX presents the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society a hefty check that comes from all our efforts to give back to the communities we live in.

May all the bmx tracks across the world experience favorable weather for what we consider the best sport in the world.


Keep the rubber side down and peddle to the very end.