Odd that we just got to using our mini page to announce a Pro clinic at Richfield Park BMX.  That's right, Dominique and Tim Daniels are scheduled to be here at Richfield Park BMX this Saturday and Sunday.  The Friday Pro clinic has been canceled due to Dominique and Tim have a mechanical failure on the way here.  Message was sent that as of 4:00 pm today that they are waiting at a repair facility for their vehicle to get the fix it needs.  But, that they plan to arrive on Saturday and get with providing a great clinic for those interested.  The cost is a reasonable $25 per session per racer per day.  The Saturday pro clinic starts at3:00 pm and they can take as many as 25 racers with a minimum of 15 to make for a great session.  The Sunday clinic begins at 10:00 am and will run prior to registration for the days Warnicker Scholarship Double points race.  Come on out and help your game on and off the track by being a part of the Daniels Pro Clinic.  Then, get in on the Warnicke Scholarship Race to help us raise funds to send racers and volunteers to college.  Registration for the Warnicke starts at 12:30 pm and closes at 2:30 pm with racing to start ASAP after motos are posted.  Cost is $20 as the race is a double points race.  Join with us as we shredd the surface of the track and pedal like crazy all the way to the finish line.