Flat Pedal Money Open is in the Making at Richfield Park BMX.

Do you race on flat pedals?  Have you been looking forward at some point in time for a old school flat pedal race during the race season?  Been wondering just how well racers that clip would do in a Flat Pedal Open?  Well, the opportunity is going to be a part of the Richfield Park BMX race season.  On Sunday August 27th our track is hosting our first Flat Pedal Money Open.  Currently we have a $500 pot to start with.  But, we do expect to have some additional cash coming our way to help pump up the pot.  Will have more information on the money side as we get closer to race day.  And, in between that time, our volunteer crew will be prepping the track to be as buttery smooth as possible.  If you haven't been to Richfield Park BMX, we think you will enjoy one of the fastest tracks in the Midwest.  We just purchased some seal to cover the track which will provide for an even better surface to dial up the MPHs.  So, all that above said, stay tuned for some more information on the status of the Flats Only Money Open at Richfield Park BMX.  One last thing, it's a double points race and will be an early one to allow those who travel a good distance to get back on the road before dark. 

Pass the word if you would please while you get out your best pair of Vans to grip those flat pedals.  As always, you must race class to race the open.  But, as we all know, racing class it the warm up to the real elbows out racing for some cash and bragging rights.  Also, check our Facebook page Richfield Park BMX for daily updates and other racing information.  If you want to check out the track ahead of time and get a feel for the flow, we are racing this coming Sunday with registration starting at 12:30 pm and closing at 2:30 pm.  Racing begins shortly after the motos are posted.  Thanks for checking up with us, keep the rubber side down, and see you in the gate.