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Rule Book w/Changes for 2015

USA BMX and BMX Canada were formed to provide organized racing and give national prominence to the sport of BMX. The staff of each track is committed to operating under the Sanctions guidelines to ensure those goals. It is, however, the riders and his/her parent’s responsibility to understand and follow racing regulations.

With these ideals in mind, the only additional requirements needed to excel are skill and determination.

Revised 1/9/2015

Download the 2015 USA BMX rule book

Download the Strider rules <still 2013, should update automatically as newer rules become available>

Here are some of the rule changes for 2015. All areas of change are highlighted in grey in the current rulebok.

There were only a handful of changes to the program for 2015, but we encourage everyone to scan the rulebook each year looking for anything in a gray box. The gray box indicates that SOMETHING has changed and is worthy of taking note – many times it is simply a matter of cleaning up the wording to make it better to understand. Here are the highlights of what has changed for 2015:

Novices running cruiser in their class:
Perhaps the biggest change for 2015 is that the Novice category will allow a class or cruiser style bicycle. USA BMX has had requests for years for another proficiency in the Cruiser class for dads looking to get into racing on a larger-wheeled bicycle, but they didn’t want to race the former Experts and Professionals that compete in some of those older Cruiser classes. USA BMX knows that there are times that a kid shows up as a brand-new rider on a bike with wheels larger than 20” diameter. For tracks that have loaner bikes, they can simply put the kid on a track bike and send them into the Novice class. However, for tracks that don’t – the kid gets put into a Cruiser class. This will allow that brand-new rider (and mom or dad) to race their larger-wheeled bikes in the Novice class. Once the rider gets 10 wins in Novice, they can either choose to get a 20” bike and continue in Intermediate or they will have to move into the Cruiser class on their cruiser-sized bike.

The rule about flat pedals only in Novice classes still applies.

(Note that the rule still allows an otherwise Novice rider to enter into Cruiser class in addition to the Novice class as well as any local open events that are available.)

22" wheeled bikes
USA BMX clarified the diameter of wheels by stating that 20” size bikes should have wheels with a total diameter of the inflated tires of 22 1⁄2” (57 cm) or less. Cruiser and Girl Cruiser bikes should have wheels with a total diameter of the inflated tires that measure more than 22 1⁄2” (57 cm).

Divisional Series

For the Divisional Champion jerseys, riders must compete in all 3 days of the Divisional Championship Final weekend to be eligible. 

National and NAG Eligibilty requirements

There seems to be some confusion regarding the Grands and the required number of races required for a national plate. The Grand National is not required to earn a National or NAG plate. However the race is a double-point score so it can be a huge disadvantage for a rider in the standings that choses not to race it.

Changes to Men and Women Elite classes at Pro Series races

If an Amateur rider participates in a Men Elite or Junior class that rider must be classified as no less than an A Pro. Any monies earned will be credited towards the $4,000 required to advance to AA Pro. If an Amateur rider participates in Women Elite or Junior that rider will be classified as a Women Pro.


Each year, the USA BMX Rules Committee meets to review current programs and rules, and considers all of the new-rule proposals that are put forth by track operators and members. Much thought is put in to these changes, in order to maintain fair competition and to maintain rider retention.

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