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Grand Traverse County BMX District: MI01


3625 Nimrod Rd
Traverse County, Mi 49685

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 231-409-6782
  • Primary Contact: Richard Cebula (231 357 0489)
  • Secondary Contact: Emily O'Hearn (231 631 0751)

Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway opened as a sanctioned NBL (National Bicycle League) track in 1999. A big Thanks to the Klingelsmith Family (which initiated and organized the project), and all the volunteers, and contractors that helped make it happen. Also the Northwest Michigan Fair Association for letting the track be located on their property.

In 2004, the much appreciated Kingelsmith family was relieved of their generous duties running the track, and a new board was organized with Mike Litwiller at the helm. We have continued to grow through the years, averaging over 100 riders per race day making us one of the busiest tracks in the State. Thank You Mike and Mary Litwiller for all you have done for GTC BMX!

In the summer of 2011 The NBL (National Bicycle League) and the ABA (American Bicycle Association) merged and USA BMX was born.

BMX is fun for the whole family and in growing we have attracted some of the finest families, making BMX one of the best family oriented sports around.

Grand Traverse County BMX Bylaws

2018-2019 GTC BMX Board Members

Track Operator: Richard Cebula
Phone Number:                                                        

Track Operator - Richard Cebula

Assistant Track Operator - Emily O'Hearn                                                                                   

Track Clerk - Laura Hansen                             

Treasurer/Secretary - Rebecca Seyferth

Trustee - Heather Mceachran

Trustee - Terran Hansen

Trustee - Wayne Revolt