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Bob Haro

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Founder of Haro Bikes, and the artist responsible for changing the face of number plates. Haro`s first pieces of work appeared in BMX Weekly--a monthly newspaper in mid-70`s. Soon after, he was hired on as staff artist for BMX ACTION magazine. While there, Bob teamed up with fellow test rider R.L.Osborn, to form the very first freestyle team. Seeing a need for custom numbers and plates, Haro`s talent lead him to making customized, colorful plates; at first hand bending the plastic over a stove. The demand grew and Haro Designs was born--where he made everything from 2-finger levers to leathers. Borrowing on the design of the Torker frame, Haro introduced the first made-strictly- freestyle frame in 1983. Always having top-notch riders representing his products and setting the trends has always been a Haro trademark. In 1987, Bob sold Haro bikes to Derby; owners of Raleigh USA. Haro’s artwork can be seen with Moose and Penske products.

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