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Leigh Donovan

Filed under Hall Of Fame on December 07, 2013 | Comment(s)

From the moment that Leigh learned to bunny hop a curb on her boyfriend's bike, at age 11, she was hooked on bikes. After convincing her dad to get her an Elf BMX bike and an ABA membership, Leigh began racing at the World famous Orange "Y" track and hasn't stopped going fast on two wheels since. Leigh's speed and smoothness stood out amongst her peers - and in 1988, she dominated the entire season and brought home the very first National No.1 Girls Cruiser title. After a successful career in BMX, Leigh turned her sites on the MTB scene and became one of the most winning female racers in mountain biking. It's safe to say that the skill level of today's women pros and Olympic athletes are all a part of the racing evolution that dates back to Leigh Donovan.