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Billy Griggs

Filed under Hall Of Fame on December 07, 2013 | Comment(s)

Known best as "Mr.Bill", Billy Griggs was one of the most stylish racers of the 80's. As a top ranked amateur and pro racer during the 90's, Billy rode for CW, Mongoose, Schwinn and Redline. Known for his style as well as speed, Griggs held an average ranking of 12.7 with three top-3 National rankings, and 140 AA-pro mains. Following his retirement from racing, Mr.Bill worked at GT Bicycles in the R&D shop - and was responsible for developing the Box Series frame design, alongside Gary Turner, and has welded up plenty of custom frames for top Pros - including the GT frames ridden by Mike Day and Jill Kintner in the 2008 Olympics. Currently, Griggs works for Razor in product development.