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Deanna Edwards-Jamieson

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Michigan’s Deanna Edwards raced her way to the top of the sport from 1980 to 1988, and then - like so many, made a triumphant return to BMX racing as an adult in the 00’s. During the 80’s, her wins at the Jag World Championships and Murray World Cups, followed up by 6-straight NBL No.1 rankings and Grands wins, caught the attention of GT team manager “Doc” Scofield and she became one of two flyin’ fast factory females on the GT squad. In her new millennium return to the sport, Deanna captured wins and titles at the UCI World Championships, USA Cycling National Championship and a NAG No.1 plate in the ABA after winning the Grands’ 36-40 ladies cruiser class. Deanna had come full circle, as she was one of the first girls to ever race (and win on) a cruiser when it was introduced at the 1986 ABA Grands as an exhibition event. Totaling over 100 national class wins from 1980-1988, during a time when there was no mixed open and no girls cruiser class available, Deanna set the bar - and set it high, for all of the girl BMX racers of the future.

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