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John Ker

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Starting his love for photography on the shores of Southern California, John Ker went from capturing surfers to BMXers on 35mm film when he began freelancing at a fledgling publication called BMX Plus! in 1979. Eventually, John would become Editor of BMX Plus! in the 80’s. In fact - he still works for Hi-Torque publications to this day - mostly shooting for Mountain Bike Action, Motocross Action and Electric Bike Action. When it comes to singling out the most memorable images in BMX, you can count on one hand the people who had their fingers on the shutter button - and Ker is partly responsible for making almost every racing and freestyling Hall of Famer famous through his photography and stories. Often seen with no less than three cameras dangling around his neck, John Ker has been one of those iconic people in the infield of BMX competitions, capturing our sport’s history on film since 1979 to the present Digital days. John is well known by both riders and industry figures as a person of unflagging integrity, fairness, creativity and love for our sport. ...and his “just one more” encouragement at photo shoots.

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