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Tracer Finn

Filed under Hall Of Fame on October 01, 2014 | Comment(s)

It’s safe to say that Tracer Finn is responsible for putting Las Vegas on the BMX map. With his top-notch jumping skills and Factory CW sponsorship, Finn put Sin City in the spotlight with his numerous Hot Shot features in BMX Action magazine - including the iconic photo of him skying over his family’s Vaudeville piano act, complete with Vegas showgirls and card dealers. Finn followed up his successful racing career by promoting and running mountain bike races, doing Police Athletic League events, organizing BMX skate park programs, mentoring BMX riders, and even owned his own bike shop that supported a race team. For four years, Tracer was Team Manager for the Specialized BMX program - which included team riders T.J. Lavin and Christophe Leveque. It could also be said that Tracer Finn has given more to the sport than most; namely - half of his pinky finger, which he lost in a tight battle with a chainring during a crash at an ABA Gold Cup Championship.

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