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Kevin McNeal

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 22, 2012 | Comment(s)

A few of the highlights that earns Kevin McNeal a spot in the ABA BMX Hall of Fame: Kevin`s mid-70`s 
dominance, whether on a Schwinn Competition, a Kuwahara, an RRS, a Torker or a Pro-Neck. McNeal was practically unbeatable for 2 straight years on the sports gnarliest downhill track, Corona BMX, which earned him the nickname "The Corona Kid". His reign as the 1981 ABA National #1 Pro, being the first Pro to wrap up the #1 Pro title before The Grands, capped off what had previously been a roller coaster of a BMX resume. Controversy, as well as modern technology, surrounded Kevin`s Pro career. After some overly aggressive riding, the ABA handed McNeal, the first controversial “Bad Boy” of BMX, some suspension time to think about it. With the introduction of portable video cameras, McNeal was the first Pro to utilize this new technology, something most BMX parents do today. In this sense, Kevin was way ahead of his time. Back in the late 70`s, McNeal had a friend videotape every race he was in, and then would review the tape after each moto. Using slow-mo, he could immediately pick up on his mistakes and correct them next round. Of course, at that time, all of this video equipment wasn`t nearly as compact and affordable as it is today. After a successful pro career racing for Pro-Neck, McNeal retired from BMX and every once in a while can be spotted at a BMX national or a dirt jumping zone. But at the peak of his professional BMX career, Kevin McNeal set records and paved the way for many top riders of today.

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