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Jeff Utterback

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Jeff Utterback started racing in 1973 at the world famous B.U.M.S. BMX track. As an unbeatable 14-year old BMX superstar on the awesome FMF team, Jeff made a name for himself and later followed FMF team manager Scot Breithaupt over to his new company SE Racing. At SE Racing, Jeff had his own signature frame made out of aluminum, called the JU-6, later to be known as the P.K. Ripper. Soon after Jeff left SE Racing, he teamed up with his family to start their own fledgling garage company. Along with his Dad George (the "G") and brother Scott (the "S"), GJS was born. And along with it, came the ahead-of-it`s-time "A" Frame. With a peculiar triangular front gusset and an at-the-time lengthy top tube, the “A” frame is often credited as the beginning point of modern-day BMX geometry. Jeff turned Pro unofficially in 1978, and won one of the first Pro races ever held at Western Sports-A-Rama, ahead of Kevin McNeal. Jeff`s skills with frame design and a welding torch at a young age set him up nicely for a career after BMX. Jeff worked for 16 years in the aerospace industry as a specialist welder and manager for McDonnell Douglas and also worked for companies such as GT, running their titanium shop.  Today, Jeff lives in Southern California. He is still in touch with his racing roots and can be found hanging out around drag strips, racing 200+mph nitro-methane funny cars.

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