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Christophe Leveque

Filed under Hall Of Fame on July 18, 2015 | Comment(s)

Throughout the history of BMX, you can count on one hand, the Pros who took the sport to a new level. France’s Christophe Leveque is one of those riders. When the Sunn-Chipie racer first landed in the US, he had already won nearly-every available title in Europe. As everybody knows, the ultimate quest for BMXers around the World is to conquer America, and Leveque learned the ropes quickly and led what is now-known as the “Euro Invasion.”

Thanks to full support from French bike manufacturer Sunn, he was not only able to survive in the States, but his riding style, skills and training techniques soon forced the entire AA pro class to step things up, or risk falling behind. Thanks to Christophe, the mid-90′s was a turning point for the sport and put an end to the so-called body-builder training that was predominant in the late 80′s. Christophe would go on to win the World Championship in 1995, and then won back-to-back No.1 Pro titles in both the NBL and ABA. He is one of only 5 riders to have ever held all three of the major Championships. When Specialized entered the sport of BMX, Leveque is rumored to have signed the richest contract in BMX history. Now, as the owner of Chase Bicycles – sponsoring a few of the top title contenders of 2015, Christophe Leveque continues to make an impact on our beloved sport.

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