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2016 USA BMX Lonestar Nationals Race Report

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They say everything is bigger in Texas and there’s definitely some truth to that statement. The 2016 Lonestar Nationals rolled into the live music capital of the world Austin, Texas (well, Pflugerville, technically) and the scene is absolutely awesome. Its been over 25 years since there has been a national BMX event in the city and the crowds look to be pleased in its return.


Day one of the three day affair was delayed due to the Texas sized wind and rain. Once things got rolling through the action was electric.


Pro Open kicked things off and Answer Rennen’s Derik Bergh nabbed the win ahead of some heavy hitters. Arizona transplant Layne Gainer rode flat pedals all day long and was carving up the turns all day long, he threw on the clips for the main and went back to the hotel with 2nd place money. Honorary Texan Juan Marin took the final step on the podium. He rides for Aram Schwinn’s Hostile Elite / Driven Tires squad and all those guys and gals get an honorary Texan badge.


Elite women was 2 full gates deep and it was a toss up as to who would win it all. Rookie Jamie Windholz looked awesome as she took her first moto win from wire to wire. Come main time though it was all Amanda Carr. The pride of Thailand snapped from gate three and never looked back.  The Rift mounted Tangent Cartel squad grabbed the 2nd with the Lituanian Champ Vilma Rimsaite and Arizona’s Sabrina Bice rounded out the podium.


Elite Men was lighter than the past two rounds but that didn’t mean it was easy. 14 riders including the eventual winner, 2-Time Olympic gold medalist Maris Strombergs, were in the house to entertain the crowd. DK’s Barry Nobles looked primed for a podium finish after going 4-1-1 in motos and earning the first gate pick but he got swallowed up by the bottom of the 5-meter hill. The man next to him, Elliot Mcgrath, had a career day and tucked in for the 2nd behind Maris. Box’s Kory Cook fought hard for the third an final spot on the podium.


31-35 Cruiser was a hard fought battle between Adam Scott and local Austin Tanner. Tanner was rolling the 26” mountain bike and giving all type of trouble to the Okie. Adam is a very savvy racer with years of experience and found a way to hold on for the win.

“Free Lunch” Eric Sweets wasn’t giving anything away in 46-50 Cruiser today and laid down his infamous south central pull down the first straight. The battle was for the 2nd and three guys had their eyes on the deuce. George Goodall, now doing it for Supercross, Drew Montley, now doing it for Factory Yess, and Reapor Racing’s Vincent Decastro all diced it up but the Georgia local Decastro had the hot line down the dog legged last straight.

36-40 Novice Damon Cuthbert had the course dialed and being a local, definitely has the secret lines memorized. He went on to win and make the big move up to the Inter class for Saturday.

11 Inter Landyn Woolsey got out front in a hurry and the Poppa Wheelie tent down the third straight section left no doubt as to who he was with as they went crazy. This Louisiana boy is well on his way to joining the expert ranks and we hear that he’s an expert egg dyer as well.

13 Girls had everyone on their feet as a three-way battle between the Sinclair twins and Skittles Gayheart developed. Skittles snuck to the inside of Jaycie Sinclair at the exit of turn one resulting in Jaycie hitting the deck. Her sister Hailey tried her best to avenge the crash but the colorful SSquared Florida girl was able to escape with a victory.

12 Expert was one of the battles that we’ve been waiting all day for. The reigning champ Brandon Crain Vs. the Chicago Flash, Henry Chudzik. The Birdman was a little quicker down the first straight and that was the difference maker. Henry hasn’t been challenged too much in 2016 but he had his hands full today.

17-18 Expert was a west coast affair between Dustin Hammond and BJ Ensey. Ensey, who is sponsorless at the moment, grabbed the holeshot but left a bit too much room open at the bottom of turn one and Hammond came right on in. As Ensey went into the infield, Vegas kid Makeiva Hopson zoomed by to take the 2nd. Hammond would get the win.

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