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Jim Alley

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As a big fan of anything that goes fast, Jim Alley founded Profile Racing in 1968 - originally as a race car chassis shop. But by 1978, Jim's kids had began racing BMX and his venture into the bicycle industry was born. Having a background in auto racing, and being familiar with chromoly fabrication and lightweight aluminum components, it was inevitable that Jim the "BMX Dad" could improve on the current BMX products on the market. In 1980, Jim designed Profile's first 3-piece chromoly tubular crank set with a 48 spline spindle  - which is now the industry standard. Coming from the race-car world, Alley knew that he needed a Factory Team consisting of some of the finest nationally ranked riders in the country, to ride, test and represent his products. He would go on to sponsor such superstars as Eric Rupe, and Shelby James, to name just a few.
Amazingly, Profile - under Jim's guidance, has continued to manufacture all of their product line in-house in the U.S.A. - 100% American made in St. Petersburg, Florida, still to this day. In the early 90's, Profile was responsible for bringing cassette hubs to the forefront of the BMX market; again - again, an industry standard. Jim is still heavily involved in R&D and design of Profile products with the Elite line being their highest end product. ..and he still welds every pair of Elite cranks.

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