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Byron Friday

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One of the original PRO members of BMX. Byron began his BMX career with Kawasaki during 1974 - "Our job was to break frames." From ’75 to ’78, he rode for Shimano. He participated in the first ever BMX Tour across the United States. Byron rode for, as well as worked for, Redline Bicycles from 1978 to ’80. He was instrumental in the development of the original Redline Pro Line. He went over to DG, doing PR work, R&D and riding for them. He designed the ZF-1 (Zuener/Friday) before the demise of DG in ’82. He went to Scorpion Bicycles in ’82 - putting on "Pro School of BMX" tours nationally and internationally. Byron spent the majority of 1986 in Europe, promoting BMX through training camps and schools. He spent 1987 promoting and putting on mountain bike races (his most famous being a halftime demo during the LA Coliseum Supercross). He was employed by Mountain Bike Action during 1988 - originally as Test Consultant, then as Advertising Manager. He worked for Diamond Back (WSI) from 1988 to ’90 as Product Manager in the mountain bike division. He did product development for Tioga in the early 90’s. He raced in NORBA’s Pro Class (downhill an2d slalom) for Tioga. Byron returned to BMX for two years and began racing ABA’s (Vet Pro) Masters class. He hooked up with Mongoose, putting on BMX clinics around the U.S. and acting as Team Mechanic/Manager. 

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