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Pete Loncarevich

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 22, 2012 | Comment(s)

Without argument, Pete is one of the greatest BMXers of all-time. Holder of four ABA No. 1 Pro titles, his first in 1984, his second pro title in 1986, and then two No.1’s-in-a-row during 1991 and ’92. First raced BMX in 1976--as an 11 novice. Won his first national at Corona in ’78. Riding for S&S, Pete earned his first No. 1 in the BMXL-before it was bought by ABA. As an amateur, was part of the dominant Diamondback force from 1980 until 1982. Turned pro in LRP (Loncarevich Racing Products). Signed with CW Racing, riding for them from late-’83 to 1986. In a shocking move, Pete appeared in a Haro jersey at the 1985 Grands-a "breach of contract" court battle with CW ensued. In 1987, participated in F-1 Racing for Haro. Faded out of BMX in 1989, working a "regular job" for six months, before coming back to BMX with long hair and tattoos. With support from Vans, Pistol took two his last two No. 1 Pro titles. Unofficially retired from BMX in ’94, but came back for the ’95 Grands to win the "Masters" class. Discovered mountain bike racing in ’94 and went onto win several titles. Over the years, Pete became involved in mixed martial arts. Today, Pete is back racing the Expert class at ABA BMX events.

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