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Greg McGill

Filed under National Champions (Canada) on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

Onyx Racing’s Greg McGill had all but secured his title going into the Grands weekend. But wanting to give it fighting chance, 36-40 cruiser class rider Cid Martinez (from Victoria) had the chance to take over the title lead from McGill. Martinez, who took the top spot on Saturday’s race found himself on the back tire of Ballistic BMX’s Jay Duran in Sunday’s Grands main. Knowing second place was not going to cut it, Cid ‘the Kid’ set himself up for a second corner pass on Duran. After a bit of elbow bumpin’ as Martinez tried to go for the inside scoop, he couldn’t quite stick the corner as Duran kept his momentum on the top side leaning into the 1str8 rider, leaving Cid in his tracks. That left Greg McGill to secure the win in his own main, and defend yet another National No.1 title.

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