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Violet Cejalvo

Filed under National Champions (Canada) on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

Undoubtedly the title chase that was most hotly contested - according to announcer Chris Johnson, was for the National No.1 Girl title. History repeated itself, in more ways than one - as it came down to the final race for the ladies.
Alison Grecht, Violet Cejalvo of Yess BMX, and Tiegen Pascual of Supercross Canada, were all within rider points of each other going into the Sundays mains. 13 girls was the race to watch, as Tiegen has been looking strong all weekend, and as their main gate dropped, she was on point as she led the race going into the second corner. Next, ‘Ultra’ Violet knew it was ‘win or die’ and railed the sweeper to gain momentum setting up her outside second corner, knowing the inside did not work the day before. Going for gold, she saw the door opening coming out of the corner and took advantage, carving low and taking the pass as they entered the third straight. Out of the final corner Pascual had one last chance to take the race on the inside but couldn’t get position without washing out or blowing up, giving Violet the tentative title lead.
Alison’s chance at securing her needed win and doubling up on National Titles slipped away from her going into the first corner. Avoiding Florida’s Dena Dawson of Yess BMX, getting unclipped going into the first corner, Grecht fought hard to catch up to Elite Vendetta’s Taylour Howard, but couldn’t quite reel her in.
Grecht would have to settle for the second, which then crowned Factory Yess' Violet Cejalvo her third National Title in as many years!

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