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Filed under National Champions on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

TM George Costa (owner of the innovative product brand Rennen Designs) had dreamt of this day a long, looooong time ago. With the full support from Answer Products and Ssquared Bicycles, Costa and his crew had come close (oh, so close) to the No.1 title in the past. 
But you know what they say about close - that only counts in horsehoes, hand grenades and dancing.

For 2016, the Answer~Rennen brigade kicked off the year with a bang, with some mighty impressive wins by riders such as Marshall Gerhke, Brandon Crain, Karter Montelano, Markwane Billingsley, Dusty Hammond and the gnarly Knapper Brothers.
Then, in Nashville - Hammond took a hard digger, which nearly put him out for the entire season. He'd return, just in time, for the last two races of the year.

At the 2016 Grands, Answer~Rennen came in with the points lead - ahead of 4-time No.1 Champions Haro~Promax. They were comfortable, clam and collected and they knew what had to be done. When the mains rolled around, the familiar blue, white and black colors were constantly seen out front. Things really heated up after the girls main, when Elida Beeman went from fifth to first in an instant and became National No.1 Girl. From there on out, the Answer~Rennen team went on to win five expert mains, which earned them five NAG No.1 titles and put them in 5 of the Top-10 National rankings!
Most of all, they won their first ever National No.1 Factory team title, and put an end to the win-streak held by the Donovan Long Empire.

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