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Joris Daudet

Filed under National Champions on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

Joris Daudet's 2016 season could best be described as a roller-coster. He kicked off the year with his first-ever USA BMX No.1 Pro plate on his Chase bike, and picked right up where he'd left off - winning. Then he began to get beat by the always-tough Sam Willoughby and the points-chase was TIGHT, to say the least. Then, Joris scored yet another World Championship and rainbow-striped jersey, after being victorious in Colombia. But then came the 2016 Olympic games, and a gnarly crash over the berm-jump that ended his Rio race earlier than anybody expected. The Flying Frenchman now only had one thing left to do - retain that No.1 plate in the U.S.. 

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