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Gerrit Does

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The father of European BMX.  Brother in law of famed 70’s Supercross star Pierre Karsmaker, Gerrit was introduced to BMX in 1974 during a trip to America. He was the first to import Webco and other early BMX frames to Holland In 1978, Gerrit played a vital part in helping start BMX tracks all over Europe. In 1981, along with George Esser, Gerrit formed the International BMX Federation (IBMXF) and in 1982, the first ever World Championships of BMX was held in Holland From 1981 to 1989, Gerrit paved the way for BMX in foreign countries as President of the IBMXF, and was director of the World famous Slagheren BMX track - host to the annual European Championships. Gerrit Does retired from all activities in the field of organizing BMX events and running teams in December 1998. He was quoted as saying "I have been doing this kind of thing for 25 years now and wanted to look for new challenges and let the new generation take over".

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