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Darrell Young

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The most famous BMXer to come out of Oregon. Started racing in 1979. He is consider to be one of the smoothest and most stylish riders of all time. Darrell was a long time fixture on the JMC team, which introduced the BMX world to the infamous Darrell Young signature series frame and forks in the mid-eighties. The Darrell young frame was considered way ahead of it`s time and is still considered one of the all-time greatest BMX frame and fork sets. He was an original member of BMXA`s "Terrible Ten" list. He was also a top contender for ABA`s #1 Amateur and Cruiser titles for many years. Turned Pro in 1984, was also the holder of ABA`s National #1 Pro cruiser title in 1992. Also rode for Bike Gallery, RRS, GT, Kuwahara, and SE Racing in his long career. Darrell lives in Oregon and can be seen at select ABA Nationals racing in the Vet Pro Class.

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