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Brian Lopes

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Starting at the ripe age of 4 1/2 years old, Brian took his Schwinn Pixie and Rams football helmet to the track at Saddleback Park in California, and the rest is history. From that day, he was a hard core racer until he turned 8 years old. He stopped racing, but was still active at the local jumps in the neighborhood. At age 10, Brian came back into the sport full-force, and started hitting the National scene. Riding for a local bike shop, future BMX Hall of Famer Toby Henderson would help the team out with their gate starts. That is where he noticed Brian and introduced him to the folks at SE Racing. At the age of 17, Brian was looking for a new challenge in racing and decided to turn Pro. His first Pro race, he scored a second, and within 5 races, Brian was AA. While sponsored by Elf Bicycles, Brian was enjoying the Pro life. He then moved on to Mongoose Bicycles, Brian had heard how ex-BMXers were making a good living racing mountain bikes. Mongoose, gave him a shot and the rest is history. Brian has won many national and world titles in the mountain bike world. At one time, he held the world record for bunny hopping and jumping on a BMX bicycle.

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