The Sweet 16 for Saturday Night's Sidehack Sideshow

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Saturday night, November 30th, is one of the most action-packed nights in BMX Racing. Along with the Pro Championship Finals and NAG-5 Challenge, we also feature some of the funnest and most entertaining racing ever witnessed by mankind, with the spectacular Sidekick Sideshow! 
Without further ado, here are the Sweet 16 Sidehacks for Saturday Night's Sideshow:

With MJT's S*W*A*T team being the 3-time No.1 InterGalactic Champions, the questions remains if anybody can defeat the defenders of the Universally-recognized Hack title? Could the Gladiators, aboard their Alloy 24-pound sidehack, charge like the Spartans they are, and take down the Champs? Or could the AllTow Wrecking Crew


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