2020 Factory Team Preview

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By the looks of things, the year 2020 could very well be one of the most hotly-contested Factory team chases we've ever seen. To kick off the #Soaring20's, we thought it'd be a good time to introduce you to the top contending teams in BMX, and to meet some of their franchise players. 

Introducing: 2020 VISION:


Can they make it a 3-peat?

Your reigning two-time Factory team champs are looking stronger stronger than ever, with nearly the same winning roster they’ve had for the past two years. In Vegas, they kicked off the 2020 season with three massive scores (high enough on both sheets that they could’ve won first AND second place). Without a doubt, they are the ones to beat! 


“Skittles” McKenzie Gayheart  17-20xw

PULL: How do you like your custom carbon fiber Radio? 

SKITTLES: It’s my absolute all-time favorite bike.
It’s my first carbon frame. I’d never even ridden one 
before, and my first time on it, I almosst looped out 
because it’s so light. It’s stiffer. It’s the best bike 
I’ve ever ridden, hands-down.

“This year, it’s training for Worlds. This year, 
I want to go three-for-three. I want National-1, 
NAG-1 and World-1. That’s my goal for this year. 
Setting the bar high - going for the triple crown.”
--”Skittles” MacKenzie Gayheart

PULL: And you’ve got a touch of camo in there on the logo.

SKITTLES: Yes sir. I put camo in there because I like 
hunting in my free time. We blended it in with the 
rainbow, for the Skittles-theme. 

PULL: You’ve got a new coach, also. 

SKITTLES: Yes. I’m training now with Domingos Lamoglia. 
It’s definintely convenient for me - being in Florida. 
The atmosphere and team-work is amazing, 
and I really love it. 

PULL: Any new Full Tilt riders you are looking 
forward to hanging out with? 

SKITTLES: I’m excited for Jordyn Miranda. 
She’s a good friend. 


2020 VISION: 

  • Ezra Westfall  7i
  • Kennedy Knopp  9g
  • Parker Westfall  9x 
  • Cohen James  9x
  • Eli Staton  10x
  • Matteo Pigo  11x
  • Callie Voigt  11g
  • Tommy Bruney  12x
  • Madison Voigt  13g
  • Carson Allen  13x
  • Cole Frederick  13x
  • Sean Day  13x
  • Lucas Zimmerman  14x
  • Gavin Stazetski  15x
  • Jordyn Miranda15-16g
  • Josh Trerise  15x
  • Tom Tucker  15x
  • Brody Cole  16x
  • Dylan Wood  17-20x
  • McKenzie Gayheart 17-20g
  • Rayne Lankford  17-20x
  • Stephani Morin  17-20g
  • Race Lee  17-20x
  • Olive Armstrong  17-20g
  • Kye Affoo  17-20x
  • Brady Lavoi  26-35x
  • Brain Hoppe  41-45i
  • Ryan Zinzow  Apro
  • Ashley Verhagen  Elite

“I want to thank, Angie, Fritz and all of our sponsors, and all of the riders and families who make it happen.”

--TM Jim Buchanan


Hyper and Donavon Long may be a lethal combo.

In his lifetime, Donavon Long has won 11 No.1 team titles (eight as a Factory team, one in Bike Shop and two in Trophy). That makes him the winningest TM in BMX history. For 2020, Hyper’s vision to to win their first major Factory Championship, and we think they’ve picked the right guys for the job. Long brings a solid roster of BMX rippers from last year’s Wia-Wis crew and has strengthened it more with the recent additions of Joseph Mathers, William Edmunds and Alex Antil. If FullTilt has anyone to worry about stealing away their No.1 title, it’s likely going to be Team Hyper.

FEATURED RIDER:  Drew Polk  16x

PULL: You’re originally from California, but now
live in Indiana. How’d that come about?

POLK: We did that about three years ago.
I ride at indy Cycloplex now. My dad is a motor
builder and was doing that for a flat track team
in California - kinda on the side, and Harley Davidson
and Vance & Hines wanted him to come to Indiana. 

PULL: Do you race motorcyles, too? 

POLK: I used to, but quit when I was seven.
That’s when I got into BMX.

PULL: Are you stoked on this new Hyper
deal with Donavon?

POLK: Yeah, Donavon’s really helped me a lot.
He was one of the first people to believe in me.
It seems like a lot better program.
I like the Hyper bike a lot more.



  • Cory Holmes7x
  • Maddie Baird 7xg 
  • Jonah Knorowski8x
  • Joseph Mather9x
  • Rylan Bayly9xg
  • Calib Durkin10x
  • Kole Berg    10x
  • Eli Bundy  10x
  • Jack Knorowski11x
  • William Edmonds11x
  • Nora Willmert11xg
  • Cohen Bundy12x
  • Braxton Miller12x
  • Avery Chartrand13xg
  • Parker Respass14x
  • Drew Engler15x
  • Cutter Williams15x
  • Tyler Knight16x
  • Drew Polk17x
  • Jayce Sinclair   18xg 
  • Alex Antil   20x
  • Jesse Welch   A pro
  • Nic Long  Elite 

“We’re looking forward to a great year. We’re looking to compete for the Factory title and let everyone know that Hyper is here to stay.”

--TM Donavon Long


Armed with some new Artillery

They’ve done it before, an deveryone in BMX knows they could do it again. The Factory Answer team has held onto their major superstars, and even filled in a few classes to ensure their team sheet some extra-large rider points. Will 2020 be the year for redemption for John Sawyer’s Answer-Ssquared squad? We’ll soon find out. 



PULL: How’d this Answer deal come about? 

P.J: I’ve been close to the Knapper’s, and the San Juan 
Pools deal was coming to an end, so they asked me 
if I’d like to join Answer. 

PULL: So it’s a dream come true? 

P.J: Oh yeah - I used to want to be on the team, 
back when it was Answer-Rennen. I’ve always liked 
the frames and looked up to the riders. 

“For this year, I just want a perfect, and be in
contention for the NAG-1 title at Grands.
I want to qualify for the Worlds, just to get
the experience, because I want to go to the
Netherlands next year.”

--P.J. O’Brien

PULL: Let’s go back to last November. You had a 
break-out season, were in title-contention, and then...

P.J: Just one week before Grands, I was practicing at 
my local track and my hand slipped off the grip and 
I landed straight on my collar bone. 

Not quite the way I wanted to end 2019.



  • Al Roybal
  • Bailey Brannen
  • Brandon Crain
  • Chad Street
  • Chloe Kappen
  • Chris Sutton
  • Danny Waters
  • Dustin Hammond
  • Dylan Baumann
  • Hojo Johnson
  • Jacob Trujillo
  • Jeremy Knapper
  • Justin Knapper
  • Karter Montellano
  • Kylee Niederberger
  • Lauren Reynolds
  • Markwane Billingsley
  • Marshall Gehrke
  • Matt Meekins
  • Michelle Senger
  • PJ O’Brien
  • Robert Slatter
  • Ronan Weber
  • Saskja Lack
  • Sumi Yuki
  • Tyler McGuire


New colors, New riders and a New Outlook

If there was one team last year who surprised all, it’d be the Alpha dogs - armed with some fresh talent and rising stars. It’s no wonder their riders were much sought-after after Grands. Cam Wood wound up with Mongoose and former Alpha pro Anthony Bucardo got a new ride with Haro - and team owner Shane Threat couldn’t be happier for them. “I’d be disappointed if they didn’t take those offers,” he told us in Vegas. To make up for his losses, he picked up Blaise Pereira and has Minnesotan Brenden Kempell waiting in the wings as his next franchise player. 


FEATURED RIDER: Brayden Kempel  17-20x


PULL: What’s your local track in Minnesota? 

KEMPEL: I do Rum River during the winter, and 
St. Michael during the summer. 

PULL: What are your goals for 2020? 

KEMPEL: I’m going to be trying for Jr.Elite at Worlds. 
I hope to earn a spot for that in Houston. Otherwise, 
I’ll be 17-20 all year and will be trying to become NAG-1. 

PULL: What’s your secret to BMX success?

KEMPEL: I ride with James Plummer and Alex Antil 
all the time at Rum River. I think all of us riding 
together kind of pushes each of us to get faster. 
Riding a lot with them, at that level, definitely helps.


Jonathan SuarezVet Pro

Rebekah Threatt41-45 w-cru

Jeff Aana41-45 x

Eric Baca36-40 x/cru

Jake Brown36-40 x

Shawn Wade31-35 cru

Brayden Kempel17-20 x

Kyle Jensen17-20 x

Blaise Pereira15 x

Alexandra Hill15-16 xg/g-cru

Tarin Fields12 x/cru

Lucas Zhou11 w

Annalyse Solano10 xg/g-cru

Landon Burian10 xg/g-cru

Ace Laack9 x/cru

Connor West8 x/cru

Chase Burian8 xg

“For the 2020 season, we’ve streamlined our Factory team, switched up our colors, and have added a few new sponsors, too.”

--Shane Threatt


All-American Heroes

One of the biggest surprise in the annual game of Musical Sponsorships, Nor Cal’s newest National No.1 rider - Rowdy Holzer, opted to go with Profile Racing (rather than join his former Wia-Wis teammates on Hyper). Either way, he’d still be
switching to a Hyper frame, we suppose - as they continue to support the Profile posse. Great call by TM Gus ‘n the gang, as Rowdy is one cool kid. 



  • John Pringle
  • Richie Dey
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Drake Velador
  • Rowdy Holzer


“Our team philosophy
If you couldn’t ride
how hard
you ride today?”

--TM Gus Lanzilotta


FEATURED RIDER: Rowdy Holzer  10x

PULL: What’s your thoughts on riding for Profile? 

ROWDY: I’ve been wanting to be on this team
for a little bit. I love it. 

PULL: What’s your favorite Profile product?

ROWDY: Probably the hubs. I love the sound of them. Everything they make is great. 

PULL: So you also do a lot of mountian biking - is that mostly for training, competition or fun? 

ROWDY: Mostly for fun. I just love riding bikes. 

PULL: We saw that black No.1 plate on your cruiser. Are you pumped on running the National No.1 plate this year?  

ROWDY: VERY pumped on that. 

PULL: If you go to the Florida national in February - and visit Profile’s HQ, you’ll be blown away by their factory.  

ROWDY’s DAD: We plan to. That’s why Profile is such a good fit for us. I’m sort of a bike-geek, and they’re down to millmeters. Gus was telling us that they could buy hundreds of titanium bolts from China, but they’d rather make them in Florida. And we bleed red, white and blue - so it couldn’t be a better fit for us.


Don’t mess with The Cartel

For nearly two decades now, Rich Pelton’s Tangent Cartel has been reppin’ the NorCal plate and parts maker on the national scene. When they introduced their Rift frames, the team’s exposure grew even more. 

Last year, Tangent expanded it wings outside the USA and hooked up with some great riders around the world - and are now a global phenomenon - not only producing impressive results but also creating their own successful Tangent Pro/Am series. With 2020 in the air, you can expect to see a lot of Tangent/Rift riders racing on the big stage in Tokyo, at USA BMX and BMX Canada events and plenty of UCI World Cups ...and we wish them all the best. 


“Rah Rah” Deserae Romero         14xg

PULL: You do a lot of sports besides BMX, right? 

RAH-RAH: I do volleyball, basketball and track. 

PULL: Where do you race?

RR: I race at Hesperia BMX and
sometimes Apple Valley BMX.

PULL: You and Jordyn Miranda are always battling.
Who wins the most, and what are your goals?

RR: It’s kind of split. Most of the time, it’s
whoever is on the inside, will win. For 2020,
I’m shooting for NAG-1. 

2020 VISION: 

Team USA

Amaree Vick  9x

Ryder Scranton  10x

Chris Felker  11x

Riley Allen  12x

Bobby Connelly  13x

Desi Romero  14xg

Breanna Winter  15xg

Nate Romero  15x

Nick Adams  Jr Elite

Riley House  A-pro

Kieth Grine  A-pro

Corey Reid  AA-pro

Team France

Romain MahieuEliteMen

Team Spain

Hector Gomes21-25 Men

Alejandre AlcojorEliteMen

Gustavo AlcojorEliteMen

Team Japan

Daiki IkedaEliteMen

Team Latvia

Niks RozukalnsJr Elite

Edvards LibertsJr Elite

Filips RozitisEliteMen

Team Canada

Connor Stiles9x

Alexander Booth10x

Dallen Stiles11x

R.J. Barefoot12xg

Carson Kawaski15x

Teigen PascualJr Elite

Darcy Glenncross26-30cru

Team Russia

Alexsandra Simashkina  13g

Team Australia

Jake SvernsVet Pro

Nathanal RodwayEliteMen

Bodi TurnerEliteMen

Team Italy

Giacomo Fantoni  EliteMen

Piertro Bertagnoli  EliteMen 

“Our goal at Tangent is to help riders make their dreams
of competing at the highest level possible.”

--T.J. Johnson


More than just Little Dudes

Although LDC stands for Little Dude Components, their Factory squad is made up of more than just little dudes. Team LDC could be the “sleeper” team of 2020. “LDC likes to keep a smaller Factory Team in a effort to provide more teaching and coaching to help our riders become productive adults,” says TM Jerry Bradford. “It’s taught and learned through strong work ethic and beimng able to follow instructions. We are proud that we never have let a rider go based on results, but we do expect 100% effort and for our riders to conduct themselves in a respectful way. Just like the real work world, we like to reward results in appreciation of their dedication to become not just a better racerm but a better person.” 


  • Sean Carvajal
  • Jayce Bartley
  • Christina Cunningham
  • River Reece
  • Sebastian Bettinger
  • Ceasar Flores
  • Chase Buller
  • Reed Neubauer
  • Cannon Sanchez
  • Ashton Hester
  • Olivia Yee
  • Gianna Yee
  • Aydan Lopez
  • Landry Wycough
  • Taylor Weisser


Jayce Bartley  14x

PULL: Seems like since we last spoke to you for a Clipped-In article, you’ve grown about a foot taller. How’d 2019 go for ya? 

JAYCE: It was a good year. It had its ups and downs, but I accomplished a lot. Made both my mains at Grands. That was my main goal. 

PULL: How do you decide whether to run a grey NAG plate or your National number? 

JAYCE: Last year, I ran national #75, because it was my coach Jerry’s son - Joey’s number. So I did it for him. I kind of liked it last year, and I improved on it, so I figured I’ll run the National plate until I earn a NAG#1.

PULL: How are things looking for LDC this year? 

JAYCE: Good! I really like the new gear - the new jersey. The team has such a cool enviroment. We picked up the W#1 of Ashton Hester. 

PULL: Any major goals for you this  year? 

JAYCE: NAG#1. I really want to earn that.  

PULL: What are you doing to achieve that goal?

JAYCE: I’ve backed off on cruiser for this year, just to fully concentrate on class. I work a lot with Jerry (Bradford). Even though we’re in different states, we’re always talking on the phone. We’ll just keep working hard to achieve that goal. 


“When we see how successful our current and past riders become in their life, that is the real reason we keep supporting BMX. It’s our way of giving back.”

--TM Jerry Bradford


The Golden Crank Team of the Year

Bill Ryan’s Supercross squad doesn’t chase after team tiltes.
Instead, their goal is for individual riders to win enough nationals to earn themselves a No.1 NAG plate ... or better yet, National No.1 (like they did last year, with Riley House in Amateur). But if they ever got the itch, they probably could give Full Tilt a good run for the title. 

"I don't think we can top 2019 - with a near-sweep of Golden Cranks and one Factory team win, out of one attempt ...but we're going to try."

--Supercross founder/owner Bill Ryan

For 2020, they’ve lost House (to Tangent-Rift), and wisely replaced him with Southpark BMX’s Cameron Bramer - who we predict will be be a No.1 Am contender come November. 

2020 VISION: 
Supercross Roster 

  • Kamren Larsen    Elite 
  • Felicia Stancil    Elite
  • Shealen Reno    Elite 
  • Mike Sweringen    Vet pro 
  • Bubba Harris    Vet pro
  • Kenth Fallen    Vet Pro 
  • Tim Dinger    Vet Pro 
  • Kj Romero    A pro 
  • Makieva Hopson    A Pro
  • Kalvin Davis    A pro 
  • George Goodall    51x
  • “Swifty” O Gorman    51x
  • Randy Roberts    40x
  • Nick Valencia    28x 
  • Cam Bramer    17/20x
  • Mikkel Devore    16x
  • Justin Seitz    15x
  • Bella Hammonds    15xg
  • Josh White    12x
  • Justin Perkins    11x
  • Ryder Merki    8x 


  • Bethany Shriever   Elite
  • Peter Little    Elite
  • Matt Hutt    Jr. Men 
  • Emily Hutt    Jr.Women
  • Lucy Hutt    12girl

FEATURED RIDER: Cameron Bramer  17-20x

PULL: What was it like to get the call from Supercross? 

CAM: I had the option to go with Donavon and Hyper. He’s a great guy, but to get a call from Bill Ryan was like getting drafted by The Steelers. 

PULL: A lot of people were shocked to see you show up in Supercross gear. 

CAM: Once it was a done-deal, it was the hardest thing to keep it a secret. I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. It was the greatest thing to happen to me. Yesterday, after I won, was a great way to start off the year. 

PULL: What’s your plans for 2020? You going to do the big hill? 

CAM: I decided not to go pro. My goal is do really good in amateur this year. I want to try for No.1 in both cruiser and class. I want to try NAG-5 Challenge again, and since Worlds is in Houston, hopefully try to get a W#1 for the plate. I’ll still plan to do Super-X opens when I can. 


Be like the Karate Kid

Box Components has some pretty cool things up their sleeves (or, should we say - jerseys?). While the Box-Meybo factory team continues their winning ways, with franchise player Ronnie Kim leading up the charge - Box has put together a “Level-Up” Team program similar to how martial arts moves you up thru the rankings with different colored belts. 

Any USA BMX member can start off as a “purple” jersey, and as you improve, racers can work their way up (to Yellow, Blue and then Red) to ultimately wearing an Orange jersey Ronnie Kim. 

FEATURED RIDER:  Ronnie Kim  13x

PULL: The obvious question for you is the big
rivalry right now between you and Cedric.
What’s your take on it? 

RONNIE: Cedric has been pushing his limits, and
pushing me to my limits. He’s giving me a good
race and it’s heating up more now that we’re in
2020. We’re just battling now for first place.
It’s all a part of racing though. Whatever happens,
happens on the track. For me, I don’t hold grudges
much. All I’m going to say about that (main) is
that I didn’t like that move. It kind of hurt me.
I’ll be ok, but it’ll take some time to heal.

PULL: You’ve always been a big kid. Now that
you’re getting older, and everybody is hitting
their growth-spurt, is it becoming more equal
for size and strength? 

RONNIE: What I’ve realized throughout my
racing is that every year, it gets harder.
Every year, I get better competition, new rivals. 
It just gets harder and harder as we all get older. 


  • Ronnie Kim
  • Jemma Tollefson
  • Brayden Higgins
  • Nathan Kitchen
  • Ryder Lawrence


“I am super excited
about our new
‘Level Up’ program,
where we can
nurture talent
and where our
future factory riders
will come from.” 

--Box owner 
Toby Henderson



North, West or East - Yess is Everywhere

For years now, Canadian BMX brand YESS has been supporting three different teams - and the former Golden Crank winners will continue to do the same in 2020, with a goal to dominate.  


Jeremy Diebert  14x

PULL: So you’re a Bellflower local.
There’s a LOT of fast riders who
come out of there...

JEREMY: It’s a really good scene.
A good home track.

PULL: How’d you get on Yess? 

JEREMY: For me, it first started
about two years ago, when
Jean-Marc Durviaux was team
manager. I liked the team and
have been with them since. 

PULL: Yess products are so unique.
What do you like most about the
Yess brand?

JEREMY: I love their products.
Everyone on the team is cool,
and they’ve got the best bikes
out there. 

PULL:  Belt drive or chain?

JEREMY: I run the belt drive
on my cruiser - it’s a lot
smoother, quieter. The belt-drive
feels like it’s faster.


2020 VISION: 

West Coast Factory Team

  • Arjuna Burgos
  • Banyan Howell
  • Brad Lewis
  • Gage Brown
  • Jean Marc Durviaux
  • Jeremy Diebert
  • Lizzie Bowers
  • Robert Raymonde
  • Sophia Rodriguez 

 East Coast Factory Team

  • Drew Motley
  • Cameron Moore
  • Evan Sinchak
  • Manuela Munoz Velez
  • Trenton DuVall
  • Josh Phillips
  • Morgan Glass
  • Mira Lanuto 
  • Tom Johnson
  • Tomas Correa 

Canadian Factory Team

  • Piper Graaten
  • Cooper Schwandt
  • Jack Cerney
  • Kaiden Ireland
  • Keira Murphy
  • Eric Drotar
  • Georges Kreuzkamp
  • Laurie Harding
  • Jeff Ingram
  • Nicolai Martinez
  • Cid Martinez



“The synergy of Yess BMX truly brings together what the love of BMX racing is all about. We’re not only a team. We’re a Family.”

--Renny Husada


Full Spectrum

Despite rarely turning in a team sheet, the Daylight Cycles team will always be a factor for those brands dicing it out for a Factory championship. Their brand ambassadors are always in the mix, and often play an important part in stealing away the big wins from the teams with a sheet in the game. With their amazingly clean bikes and colorful jerseys (now with a variety of colored sleeves), Daylighter’s are easy to spot on the track. (Usually, just look out front.) 



PULL: Alright - you’ve been with Richard Huvard
for a long time, all the way back to his Staats days. 

COOK: I’ve loved working with him. He’s a great guy,
with a great team. I just love the atmosphere.
Every time you’re around him, it like family.  

PULL: Daylight’s are just so top-notch, high-end.
What do you like most about your Daylight? 

COOK: I love the color purple. This paint job is called
the Arc Dragon. I’ve always tried to have purple bikes. 

PULL: Do you do anything else besides BMX?

COOK: I do a lot of football. I really excell in football.
I play fullback and linebacker for Corona Del Sol.
For BMX, I just try to keep it fun. That was my
first love, been racing since I was nine.


“What’s most important is designing a race bike and a brand that people love to be a part of.”

--Daylight owner Richard Huvard



Carbon wheels keep on spinnin’, Remix keeps on winnin’.

Dale Robinson’s ReMix team has slowly been making a name for themselves on the National circuit, and 2020 could very well become their breakout year. 



Wyatt “The Russian” Worth13x

PULL: Tell us - why do they call you “The Russian”?

WORTH: I’m half Russian, on my mom’s side.
She came over here to work and met my dad. I’ve been there to visit twice - to Moscow. It was different. I was only four years old, so I don’t remember too much about it. 

PULL: Where’s your local track? 

WORTH: Lemoore BMX is closest to me, and I
also ride at Woodward Park in Fresno, too. 

PULL: Are you stoked to gte on ReMix? 

WORTH: Yeah. I just the wheels, and I’m in
love with them already. They’re smooth like butter! 



The Carbon Kings

If you were counting frames at the 2020 season opener in ‘Vegas, you might’ve noticed an extraordinary abundance of riders on carbon Orca’s. They were EVERYWHERE!  


Wyatt “WiFi” Christensen   8x

PULL: Even though you’re from Washington, I see
you’re running California gearing. Do you know
how many teeth you have on that front sprocket?

WI-FI: Fifty.

WI-FI’s DAD: 19 in the back. 

PULL: So last year in Zolder, you became No.3
in the World. By the looks of your shoes and
pedals, you’re already getting ready for Houston. 

WI-FI: Yeah. My goal is to win Worlds. 

PULL: It’s good to see you running flat pedals. 

WI-FI’s Dad: Brent Lee is from our local track,
so he’s been a really good mentor to Wyatt. 

PULL: How long have you been on Bombshell? 

WI-FI: This is my third year on the team.
What I like most about Bombshell is
the colors of my bike.

2020 VISION: 


  • Elli Christensen
  • Bentley Erb
  • Wyatt Christensen
  • Luka Erb
  • Savannah Lafeber
  • Dominic Buch
  • Quinn Reiling
  • Logan Lee
  • Nolan Reiling
  • Austin Cornbill
  • Tiffany Brosius
  • Riely Brosius



  • Evan Enssero
  • Andres Andrade 
  • Andrew Wuenshel
  • Andrew Probert
  • Bree Vaughn
  • Cooper Taylor
  • Chance Hall
  • Dyllon Reeder
  • Harper Vescuso
  • Jack MORGAN
  • Jaida KORAS
  • Joshua McGuigan
  • Justin Fuster
  • Kira Vescuso
  • Kuba Badanik
  • Mike Santamaria
  • Matt Badanik
  • Palmer Ward  
  • Ryan Kennon 
  • Tyler Wagoner



Steppin’ It Up for 2020

Florida-based S-squared is all about supporting the sport of BMX. Not only are they the official frame of Factory Answer (along with multiple teams all around the U.S.), but they’ve also got their own Factory squad with a hefty roster of winners and title contenders.

“We do our best to maintain a family atmosphere,” says TM David Anderson, “and create a positive experience for the riders and families. I enjoy helping kids become the best riders that they can be, on and off the track. I know the riders have worked hard to be on our Factory team are in the sport for the right reasons. They take it seriously yet still have fun racing.”


2020 VISION:

Lexie Alejandre21-30wAZ

Grecia Crustodulo 14xgTX 

Izzy Stevens9xgWI

Abby Stevens9xgWI

Megan Tossett15-16xgMN

Paige Zachary15-16xgNM

Nicole Glowaty21-30wFL

Nathan Davids  A-Pro

Jack Davis   17-20Aus

Wildon Ivey 16X  WI 

Julian Basaj  16XWI

Ty Henry  15X FL 

Brandon Bredeweg15xMI

Josh Sterling14XIN

Kian Grabinski  14XMN

Joe Drawenek 12X WI 

Keegan Skinner8XAZ

Joe Martin8XPA

Aidan Ragle11XCA

Aaron Drawenek  36 -40xWI

Knox Perkins  8XUT


KNOX “The Ox” PERKINS          8x

PULL: So what do you think of being on SSquared? 

THE OX: It’s really cool. 

PULL: What do you like most about SSquared? 

THE OX: The bikes. I’ll be getting new ones
right after this national. 

PULL: Is there anything special about your
bike set-up? Like, big gearing or anything? 

THE OX: Yeah. I have California gearing. 

PULL: Ahhh - you too? 

Do you know what gearing you run? 

(Dad whispers in his ear)

THE OX: 49-19.

PULL: Two more questions - where

are you from, and what is your local track? 

THE OX: I live in Utah and race atRad Canyon. 




Just out to have Fun

The Fun-factor has always been high in the SE pits since the beginning - but perhaps never more-so than now. When Jason Morris’ alter-ego, Mr. Richard Cheeseburger, fun and winning become contagious and most often are one and the same.

“Watch any of Jason Morris’ races and you’ll see that we’re striving to keep the F-U-N in B-M-X!”

--Todd Lyons, SE's Brand Manager / main man.



FEATURED RIDER:“Dick Cheeseburger”26-35x

PULL: We were thinking what it’d be like to have Jason Morris interview Dick Cheeseburger. Sound good? 

MORRIS: Ok, Dick - you’re out there on platform pedals, wearing Vans, sending everything. When are you ever going to take this sport seriously?

CHEESEBURGER: Heck with that. I’m just bustin’ fat no-footers for my fans out there. 

MORRIS: Where did SE Bikes find you?  

CHEESEBURGER: I can’t really say. I started out having fun, hitting big doubles, came on the scene pretty quick. I’m really not a racer, tho. I’m not like Jason Morris, busting out sprints and working out. I’d rather boost jumps, get all of the applause and make guys like him jealous.


Born to Win

“The Mayor,” Richard Bunt, is a BMX diehard - and he’s assembled another impressive squad to represent the Answer-owned brand - nabbing Ryan Correia away from the Cartel.   

FEATURED RIDER: Ryan Correia  16x

PULL: So you’re a Santa Clara local -
the No.1 track in the U.S.

RYAN: Yes! They’ve done a lot of good
work to that track.  

PULL: D’ya have any big goals for the 2020 season? 

RYAN: I’m hoping to get one of the Junior spots -
and to get Top-5 in NAG. That is, if I’m healed up
by Arizona. 

PULL: First-year in Junior. Are you looking forward
to the big hill? 

RYAN: Oh yeah. I love the big hill. I haven’t been
on one for a couple of years, but I love it. I was
invited to one of the OTC Camps two years ago
in Chula Vista. I hit the first two straights pretty good.
The third straight was a llittle bit tougher.

PULL: Who’s your toughest comp in 16x? 

RYAN: I’d say everybody. There’s no one who’s
always winning every single lap. It’s always
a gamble, at every race.



“We’re ready for our best year ever.”

--TM Richard Bunt


The Modern Day version

 Decades after ruling team competition in the 80’s and 90’s, there has yet to be a team that has matched the dominance of 10-time No.1 Factory team, GT. A lot has changed since then - but many traits of GT’s winning tradition still stand strong in 2020. While their roster is a lot smaller, GT factory riders still remain the ones to beat. 


FEATURED RIDER: Weston Meurlot  16x

PULL: Is it Mur-LOT or Murr-low?

MUERLOT: Mur-low, just like the wine. 

PULL: Where are you from? Local track ‘n stuff?

MUERLOT: I’m from Florida. The Daytona area. 

PULL: How did the GT deal come about? 

MUERLOT: One of the guys I train with, Brian Meyer - who’s sponsored by GT, put in a good word for me. They watched me at Grands in 2018 and I did decent, and they picked me up in Oldsmar. I started out the year strong, the middle was ok, but I picked it up at the end of the year. I wound up ROC#1, NAG#1 and National 11 on cruiser. I’m feeling good coming off of Grands, and hope to get as many No.1’s as I can.


Your New Arch-Rival

Last year, Rival Racing made their presence known, lead by their Elite star Cole Tesar. Proof of that statement is the fact that they were voted into the Top-5 of the Golden Crank Awards’ most popular bikes. For 2020, Rival has made a few improvements to their roster and plan to become a household name by the end of this year.



Zoe “Z” Dannenberg  10xg

PULL: What’s it like having a first-name that starts with the last letter in the alphabet?

ZOE: Kind of bad, when at school, we line up in alphabetical order, so I’m always last.

PULL:  But you’re NAG-1, so you’re obviously first in BMX. 

ZOE: I have been for three years in a row. My goal this year is World#1 and National #1.


Building Up Velocity

For 2020, American frame-maker Velocity BMX has nearly 70 riders on their Global roster. We repeat - SEVENTY factory riders! It’s no wonder you’re bound to see a Velocity rider at practically every race, in every 

state, wherever you go. Keep an eye out for ‘em!  


FEATURED RIDER: Blake Powell  15x

PULL: Veolcity is based out of Virgina, right? Are you excited for the second national of the year being in your backyard?  

BLAKE: Oh yeah. 

PULL: If you had to name one single race as the best race in your career, what would it be? 

BLAKE: East Coast Nationals, in Maryland. Podiumed all weekend - two thirds and a second. 

PULL: As a rising star in 15x, who would you say is the toughest guys to beat?

BLAKE: Probably Brandon Crain, Nolan, and Chris Hobie. They’re all pretty fast. 

PULL: You’ve been on Velocity for one year. How’d you get on the team?

BLAKE: The owner moved down to Virginia. We liked the team - liked what they were doing, so we joined on. 


C-yaa at the Finishline

London Wilmot, owner of C-Yaa Bicycles, has been a team owner/manager for over 20 years now, and he knows how to assemble a solid team that can win on any given day. But with the loss of Mason Hayes (to Mongoose), they’ll be relying heavy on their fanchise player, Shawn DiPrete, and the rest of the C-Yaa crew to bring home the scores. 


FEATURED RIDER: Gavin “Rat” Fink  16x

PULL: Where’s the rest of the C-Yaa crew? 

FINK: I think they are getting ready for the next one, the Blue Ridge Nationals in Virginia. 

PULL: So you’ve been on C-Yaa for a couple of years. Where are you from and what’s your local track? 

FINK: I’m from Long Island. I’m a Shoreham local. I ride more at EHT (Egg Harbor) more often, tho. 

PULL: Any changes for C-Yaa in 2020? 

FINK: Mostly the same roster, but we’ll have new jerseys for Virginia. They’re dope - more black, with a touch of green. 

PULL: What’s your expectations for 2020? 

FINK: I turn 17-20 this year, so hopefully I can get another NAG plate in there. It’ll be hard. I’ll start racing Junior too - I like big hills.


Never count ‘em out

Georgia-based Blackcrown had an impressive season last year, and hopes to keep

themomentum going in 2020. Everybody loves to root for the underdogs, right?  


FEATURED RIDER: Christopher Hobie  15x

PULL: Last name - is Hoe-bee or Hobby? 

HOBIE: Hobby, as in Hobby Lobby. 

PULL: I’m told that you, Muerlot and Fink are like the three Muskateers. 

HOBIE: Yeah, we race against eachother sometime throughout the year. I think at just one national, we all race eachother. 

PULL: You’ve got the National 47 on the plate. Broke into the Top-50.

HOBIE: Yes sir. It’s about time. Last year was my best year ever, finally making a Grands main. Pulled a fourth and finished up NAG#3. 

PULL: What’s new at BlackCrown? 

HOBIE: We lost Matteo Pigo, but everybody else is staying on board. We’ll have new jerseys coming soon. Team owner Ashley has taken the Blackcrown team to a whole new level.


Good Form

In the past, Eric Dyer has divided his troops between Bike Shop and Factory. But according to Top Jimmy, Elite Bicycles/Vendetta will be united as one, single Factory force for 2020! With consistent winners like Jimmy Nelson, and Shane Harlow, never count out the Vendetta brigade.


FEATURED RIDER:Jim Nelson  46-50x/cru

PULL: Last year, you were in contention again for the National No.1 title - but not as close as you were in 2018.

JIM: I just focused on cruiser last year, because I had a lot of injuries. I plan to really go for it this year. 

PULL: 46-50 still has some solid rider count. How many more year do you have in that class? 

JIM: I’m 47, so I have a few more years.

PULL: Being up for National No.1, what is harder - the competition or the pressure of the title-chase? 

JIM: Not so much the pressure - I can handle that. It’s the stiff competition. We’re up against some really fast guys - Shawn DiPrete, Carne$, Thompson ...all of those guys are amazing. 

PULL: How long have you been racing now?

JIM: I raced from age 8 to 23, every week, non-stop. Then I stopped for work and family, then picked it back up at 40. I missed it. I saw that a lot of my friends were doing it and decided to come back. It’s hard to stay away.



Team in Limbo

Social media has been blowing up with rumors and gossip about Throdwn - and plenty of riders have already jumped ship. We attempted to get in touch with owner Charlie Jahnke, to no avail - leaving all of us to wonder, what’ll happen to last year’s No.3 Factory team?  


FEATURED RIDER: Nic Deters  21-25x

PULL: There’s been a ton of rumors. What have you heard?

DETERS: Not a lot of commitment yet. I’m just sticking with what I’ve got right now. I’ve been with Charlie now for about 

five years, and he’s always supported me, so until I hear otherwise, I’m staying with Throdwn out of loyalty. 

PULL: Loyalty. That’s a rare thing to hear these days. 

DETERS: Exactly. I don’t think it’s that important to make 

a move at the first race of the year. There’s a lot of season 

left. I hope we can stay together. It’ll be a bummer if it 

doesn’t work out the way we want it to. It’s been an 

amazing ride. If not, we have some results that show 

we were a great team, with great riders. 



Between Factory Mongoose (who just picked up Cam Wood and ams Mason Hayes and Peyton Ridenour) and the Mongoose-LRC squad, you can expect to see a LOT more Mongeese this season. 



Chris Chudzik’s Powerlite posse will return this year with another hot roster full o’ rippers and some new solid red and black jerseys. Led by King Henry, they are always capable, armed and ready.  



The NY-based All Tow Wrecking Crew, with their matching Yess team bikes, are always a factor in the Factory title-chase. Look for them to pick up steam once the summer season starts up. 



Maker of some of the coolest custom plates in BMX (as well as uniforms and team branding material), Racer Concepts continues in 2020 with their own factory force to be reckoned with. 



Wayne Brown’s awesome orange team is still thriving, strong and was lookin’ good in Vegas. Never count out the Utah-based gang. They can put in a solid team score at any given national, and finished off 2019 in the Top-10.  


After losing some of their top-tier members for 2020, TM Sean Moore has announced he’s calling it quits after an impressive seven year run. Free Agent HQ has also let go pro Alec Bob, who’s been busy shopping for a new ride. 


* more to come


* more to come

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