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Woody Itson

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 23, 2012 | Comment(s)

Most people had their first exposure to Woody Itson in BMX Action`s "Hot Shots" feature, as he blasted an impossibly high air at the Big O Skatepark. This racer-turned-freestyler wowed crowds all over the nation on tour for Vans Skate Shoes, but it was his riding for Hutch BMX Products that made him a household name. He designed the Hutch Trick Star, one of the most popular bikes of the day, and captured both an AFA and an NFA National Title for Flatland in 1985 ands 1986, respectively. As half of the Diamond Back Freestyle Team, he was "Mr. Flatland" to the "Mr. Air" of Mike Dominguez. After a break to attend college, Woody hung up his riding uniform, and became Freestyle Program Director for the megawatt GT Freestyle Team, where he stayed until 2001. Soon after, he started his current company, Satellite Sports Group, and has since been managing a crew of riders who perform BMX Freestyle shows at over 500 venues each year.

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