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Mike Dominguez

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 23, 2012 | Comment(s)

Without argument, SoCal ramp-God, Mike Dominguez, would always go bigger than anybody else in BMX Freestyle. In total, Dominguez`s career spanned ten years, and during that time he won all of the major titles-- as both an amateur and then as the sport`s highest paid Pro. His resume includes everything from King of the Skateparks overall titles (as a 16x in 1983 and Pro in 1985); making him the youngest rider to ever win the KoS series. Riding for Hutch and then later on for Diamondback, Mike also took the AFA Masters title in 1987 in the ramp category. To earn those No.1`s, you`ve got to have some tricks up your sleeve, and Dominguez was always pushing the limits. He was the first to do the can-can, the no-footed can-can, 540`s, 900`s, 1-footed/1-handed inverts, and tailwhip flyouts. When you watch the Dew Tour or X-Games today, the roots of every vert, park and trail trick can likely be traced back to the groundwork laid by Mike Dominguez.

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