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John Palfreyman

Filed under Hall Of Fame on June 18, 2012 | Comment(s)

A true pioneer in the early days of the sport, “Snaggletooth,” as he was lovingly called by his contemporaries, blazed a trail on the early tracks, on which nearly all the sport’s later heroes would follow. The featured rider on the infamous Rick’s Bike Shop team, JP turned six years of competition into a lifetime achievement through title wins at the 1974 Northern California Yamaha Gold Cup series, where he won the Expert Class; placing third in the first-ever pro BMX race at Saddleback Park (also in 1974); and a now-legendary pairing with Doug Takahashi as half the unbeatable sidehack duo of the time. John was also one of the original test riders for Linn Kastan’s Red Line BMX line - aboard the 3-of-a-kind prototype Redline looptail. The Bob Osborn photo of Palfreyman at Saddleback (above) is iconic in BMX - and appeared on the cover of Bicycle Motocross news, as well as in the first advertisement for Redline bicycles. His legend will forever live on.

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