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Eric Carter

Filed under Hall Of Fame on June 18, 2012 | Comment(s)

With an easy smile off the track, and fierce competitive nature on the track, EC was at the top of every fan’s autograph list through the mid-1980s and 90s. His winning ways also made him an “anchor” member on the team sheets of the time. Eric was one of the key riders who put Hall Of Famer Yvonne Shoup’s Free Agent brand on the map, and rode his Hutch to an ABA National No.1 Amateur Title in 1986-- adding the cup to IBMXF World titles from 1985 and 86 (he would go on to win the 87 and 88 World titles as well). Eric made the transition to the Mountain Bike world in 1993, where he has stacked up a slew of national and world titles in Dual-Slalom, Downhill and Four-Cross. In 2012, he returned to former BMX sponsor Hyper Bicycles, where his skills are breaking new ground for the brand on the mountain.

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