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Mat Hoffman

Filed under Hall Of Fame on June 18, 2012 | Comment(s)

From his early roots as a 14-year old blasting unbelievable airs on his personal ramp in Edmond, Oklahoma, to being widely-credited as the savior of the sport of BMX Freestyle in the early 1990s, to his role in organizing the X Games with ESPN, and his position as president of Hoffman Bikes and the Hoffman Sports Association, “The Condor” literally has too many accomplishments to list on just this small program. Through his passion for the sport, “big idea” business skills, and unequaled talent as an athlete, much of the popularity of BMX Freestyle today can be traced back to Mat’s vision and efforts. He is truly a living legend for BMX, and is single handedly responsible for making BMX a household word and taking our sport to a much higher level. Mat has sacrificed his body, risked life and limb, all for the betterment of BMX.

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