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USA BMX announces Membership change

Filed under General on February 05, 2013 | Comment(s)

As of April 1st, USA BMX will be eliminating the need for separate memberships for class and cruiser.  The new USA BMX membership will work for both bikes.  Prior to April 1st, it was necessary to purchase two memberships; $45 for a 20 inch membership and then $35 for a cruiser membership.  The new membership will allow all USA BMX members to participate in both class and cruiser with the purchase of one $60 annual membership.  
As of April 1st, all current members will be able to race in both class and cruiser regardless of the current membership they hold; class and cruiser, cruiser only or class only.  If a rider has both a class and cruiser membership, their new combined membership will have an expiration from the greater of the two.  For example, if a rider has a class membership which expires May 1, 2013 and a cruiser membership which expires January 11, 2014, the riders new combined membership for both bikes will expire January 11, 2014.  

Any rider expiring from April 1st forward will renew at the new member pricing of $60 and receive the same benefits of racing both class and cruiser.  

USA BMX Membership Pricing as of April 1st 2013
Membership Pricing
Strider & 30 Day Trial Membership $30
Strider Upgrade to Full Member & Trial Conversion to Full Member $35
Gold $100
First Family Member $60
Second Family Member $55
Third Family Member $50
Pro (Vet and A Pro Only) $70

New Membership Forms will be provided to you prior to April 1st.  
USA BMX continues to provide our membership with additional benefits they may not even be aware of.

Membership Benefits for 2013 Include

ICEdot is an emergency identification and notification service that provides critical emergency contact and health information at the scene of an accident. The service utilizes the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information, provide and notify emergency contacts in the case of any accident or medical incident.      

All USA BMX members will receive ICEdot helmet stickers with a unique pin number allowing race organizers to quickly access a racer's emergency information in case of an emergency. The ICEdot service protects race participants by syncing their name, emergency contact and any health information they want communicated in an emergency with an individual pin number located on a sticker that is placed on the racer's helmet. In case of an emergency, first responders on the scene text the number located on the racer's helmet to instantly receive their emergency profile.  

JBL is the official audio supplier of USA BMX.  USA BMX members receive deep discounts on JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity and AKG audio gear simply by visiting User name ababmx, password bmxracer.

Motel 6
Motel 6 will continue to offer a 10% discount to members at participating Motel 6 locations when the account number is referenced: CP547993.

Red Roof Inn
Book your stay with Red Roof using the special USA BMX portal and your discount will be automatically applied to your stay. That's all it takes!

Avis Car Rental
Reserve your car with Avis using the American Bicycle Association Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number: L102732 and receive up to 30% off on your rental.  

Secondary Sports Accident Insurance
USA BMX provides secondary sports accident insurance coverage to all of our members. The coverage is subject to the deductible and will pay up to the policy limits, provided the membership has been verified and proper Accident Claim Form has been filed within 30 days of incident.

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